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American English: /klaʊd/
British English: /klaʊd/

Translation of cloud in Spanish:


  • 1 countable and uncountable (Meteorology) (single)
    (mass) nubes (feminine plural)
    nubosidad (feminine)
    patches of cloud
    nubosidades (feminine plural)
    a large black cloud filled the sky
    un nubarrón negro cubría el cielo
    there's not a cloud in the sky
    está totalmente despejado
    the only cloud on the horizon is my exam
    la única nube en el horizonte or el único nubarrón es mi examen
    the only cloud on an otherwise perfect summer
    la única sombra en un verano que hubiera sido perfecto
    to be on cloud nine [colloquial]
    estar en el séptimo cielo or en la gloria
    to be up in the clouds [colloquial]
    estar en las nubes [colloquial]
    to cast a cloud on or over something
    ensombrecer algo
    under a cloud
    en circunstancias sospechosas or poco claras
    every cloud has a silver lining
    Example sentences
    • It collected in the atmosphere above cloud level and last night had spread across southern England and was heading towards the Channel
    • As air rises, it cools, and its humidity begins condensing into clouds and precipitation.
    • Flashes of lightning can illuminate entire clouds, making them visible from miles away.
    Example sentences
    • All he could see was a cloud of dust and smoke rising from the devastated Stable Block.
    • When I looked over the edge of the foxhole, the village was obscured by a cloud of dust and smoke.
    • A cloud of smoke billowed up from the barrel of the pistol and the odor of gunpowder filled her nostrils.
  • 3 countable (of insects, birds)
    Example sentences
    • I remember this from childhood - great clouds of oversized winged insects, swarming up from the pavement cracks and the nooks and crannies in walls.
    • A handful of shorebirds scampered among clouds of tiny insects and piles of seaweed.
    • During the hot weather it's a pestilential place, populated by heavy clouds of biting insects.

transitive verb

  • 1 (dim, blur)
    emotion clouded his judgment
    la emoción lo ofuscaba
    estaba obnubilado por la emoción
    to cloud the issue
    embrollar el asunto
    crear confusión
    Example sentences
    • His judgement could have been clouded by the alcohol he had drunk and he may have been so overwhelmed with pain that he took extra tablets.
    • He admitted that his judgment had been clouded by drink.
    • Meanwhile, toxic waste, agricultural pesticides and heavy metals continue to cloud our water supply.
  • 2 (spoil, mar)
    Example sentences
    • However, instead of clouding my love of James Cook, unpeeling the onion layers of George's life and his own discoveries added a vital new angle to the traditional Cook story.
    • She demonstrates how this colossal structure of deceit clouds the historical record.
    • The incident clouds their enjoyment of the party, because her mother becomes quiet and distant.
  • 3 (make cloudy)
    Example sentences
    • The night sky was a clouded one, blocking out all light from the moon.
    • The sky above was now clouded and a light drizzle began to fall to the ground.
    • The sky is overcast, clouded by dank mists of humidity thronging the volcanoes and mountains.
    Example sentences
    • Barbara answered, tears clouding her clear green eyes.
    • There were some splinters of wood in a glass case, the clear surface clouded with age.
    • Before she was well on her feet, she was dashing for home, her vision clouded by tears as she fumbled along the road.

intransitive verb

  • (beer/wine)
    her eyes clouded with tears
    las lágrimas le empañaron or le nublaron los ojos

Phrasal verbs

cloud over

verb + adverb
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