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Pronunciation: /kəʊl/


u c
  • carbón (m) as black as coal negro como el carbón to carry coals to Newcastle llevar leña al monte, ir* a vendimiar y llevar uvas de postre to haul sb over the coals reprender severamente a algn, poner* a algn como chupa de dómine, pasarle un buen café a algn (RPl) [familiar/colloquial] to heap coals of fire on sb's head avergonzar* a algn devolviéndole bien por mal (before n) coal bin o (BrE) bunker carbonera (f) coal cellar carbonera (f) coal dust polvillo (m) de carbón coal fire fuego (m) de or a carbón coal gas gas (m) de hulla coal industry industria (f) del carbón coal merchant carbonero, -ra (m,f) coal mine mina (f) de carbón coal miner minero, -ra (m,f) del carbón coal pit mina (f) de carbón coal seam veta (f) de carbón
    More example sentences
    • Thus, an industrially valuable coal seam requires special conditions to accumulate.
    • Surface mining began in the United States in the late eighteenth century, when farmers and others dug coal from exposed coal seams on hillsides and stream banks.
    • The breathing of coal and rock dust causes black lung, the common name given to the lung diseases pneumoconiosis and silicosis.

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