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Pronunciation: /kɔɪn/


  • 1.1 c (individual) moneda (f) let's toss o flip a coin echémoslo a cara o cruz or (Andes, Ven) al cara o sello or (RPl) a cara o ceca or (Méx) a águila o sol the other side of the coin la otra cara de la moneda two sides of the same coin dos caras de la misma moneda
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    • As he was speaking he drew from his pocket a gold coin, a twenty-krone piece, and placed it on the table at which I sat.
    • If you do not wish to spend this kind of money for the coins, the four stamps can be bought for 50 baht in unused condition.
    • Though it has little tangible value in the physical sense beyond the paper it is printed on or metal the coin is made from, cash has a very real value in the commercial world.
    1.2 u (collectively) moneda (f) he paid me in coin me pagó en monedas such terms are the common coin of philosophical discourse tales términos son moneda corriente en el discurso filosófico to pay sb back in her/his own coin pagarle* a algn con la misma moneda
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    • I then proceeded carefully to count out the entire 14 pounds 78 pence in coin, rummaging in the depths of my coin-purse to retrieve the whole sum.
    • As an agent of the crown, he took foreign coin, old coin, and bullion to the Mint, where it was converted into new currency.
    • When players decide to cash out, they can receive it in coin or in the form of a ticket with the amount encoded on it.

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There are 2 translations of coin in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (invent) [word/expression] acuñar to coin a phrase [set phrase] valga la expresión [frase hecha/set phrase], como se suele decir
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    • Known for his penchant for coining apt words and phrases, Tukey is credited with inventing the word bit (binary digit) in 1946, and he was responsible for the first use of several terms in mathematical statistics.
    • I'd like to recommend The Word Spy, a fascinating website that collects recently coined words and phrases from the media.
    • Visionary and inventor Buckminster Fuller coined the phrase ‘Think global, act local’.
    1.2 (mint) acuñar to coin it (in) (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] forrarse [familiar/colloquial], llenarse de oro [familiar/colloquial]
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    • Since the one who has money sets the rules, it is no wonder that the man who coins money is wealthy.
    • As a member of the nobility, he had certain rights and responsibilities: he could raise troops and command them in the field, he held his own courts of justice, he could coined his own money.
    • The Romans encouraged this situation by infusing coined money into provincial agrarian economies, which in turn led to money loans and further debt.

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