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Pronunciation: /kəʊld/

Translation of cold in Spanish:


  • 1 [water/weather/drink] frío I'm cold tengo frío my feet are cold tengo los pies fríos, tengo frío en los pies it's cold today/in here hoy/aquí hace frío the soup is cold la sopa está fría I'm getting cold me está entrando frío it's getting cold está empezando a hacer frío your dinner's getting cold se te está enfriando la comida the water has gone cold el agua se ha enfriado the engine starts straight from cold without fail el motor arranca en frío sin fallar the trail had gone cold se habían borrado las huellas the news was already cold la noticia ya estaba pasada or añeja no, you're still cold, getting colder (in game) no, frío, más frío blow1 2 1 1
    Example sentences
    • The water was warm, almost scalding compared to the cold shock of the temperature that one day.
    • Christmas eve, there is a cold wind, the temperatures in the desert dip below freezing.
    • The problem has been made worse by standing flood water, freezing temperatures and a cold wind.
    Example sentences
    • When we are cold and uncomfortable, we tend to lose focus on the task at hand.
    • As the flights lasted up to eighteen hours disembarking passengers were invariably cold and uncomfortable.
    • Rising gas prices are going to mean hungry and cold people all winter long.
    Example sentences
    • Soft drinks and hot and cold food will also be available.
    • Cream teas, ice creams and cold drinks will be served throughout the afternoon.
    • Tea is almost always consumed hot, as people in Kazakhstan think that drinking cold beverages will make one sick.
  • 2 2.1 (unfriendly, unenthusiastic) [person/stare/color] frío I got a very cold reception me recibieron con mucha frialdad or muy fríamente, la recepción que me dieron fue muy fría to be cold to o with sb tratar a algn con frialdad, estar*/ser* frío con algn to go cold on sth I went cold on the idea [colloquial/familiar] la idea dejó de hacerme gracia [colloquial/familiar] to leave sb cold that leaves me cold [colloquial/familiar] (eso) me deja frío or tal cual [colloquial/familiar], (eso) no me da ni frío ni calor [colloquial/familiar] 2.2 (impersonal) [logic] frío keeping to the cold facts … ateniéndose únicamente a los hechos …
    Example sentences
    • Did you know that as well as being cold and unemotional, we are also polite, traditional and reserved?
    • Despite her terrible physical condition at the moment, the tone was so unemotionally cold.
    • While being a rather cold and calculating man on the whole, Maddock had a soft spot for children.
    Example sentences
    • Their victory had been a triumph of cold logic over raw emotion.
    • Spare a thought for the machinations of the global economy and the cold statistics we hear and read so much.
    • Statistics can be used to say anything, but always appear relentless and objective and cold.
    Example sentences
    • I would much rather that than the cold impersonality we had going on right now.
    • London's image to many is cold, wealthy and impersonal, but its real history is of revolt and subversion.
    • Thus, when one side was bathed in light and warmth, the other would be a cold, dismal place shrouded in darkness.
    Example sentences
    • Some people think blue is a cold colour, but it doesn't have to be.
    • As for the cold colour palette, a pink blouse matched with a grey knee-length skirt will show your authority.
    • Grey is the cold neutral colour; many languages identify it with blue or green.
  • 3 (unconscious) out 2 1 2
    Example sentences
    • It seems that one time a golf ball struck by Mr Hastings landed straight on some unfortunate man's head, knocking him out cold for a few minutes.
    • Fortunately, Rooibush tea has an extreme effect on me, and can knock me out cold within 20 minutes.
    • It was enough to send us into happiness, and to knock Spurs out cold.
  • 4 (without preparation) sin ninguna preparación I came to the job cold empecé el trabajo sin ninguna preparación I was expected to start from cold esperaban que empezara sin ninguna preparación
    Example sentences
    • When he's warmed up at the start of a game instead of coming in cold off the bench, he is in less danger of injury.
    • But it's still notable he was able to step in cold and run the offense so efficiently.
    • Manufacturers had difficulty ramping up to meet the Army's needs from a cold industrial base.


  • 1 uncountable/no numerable (low temperature) frío (masculine) to shiver with cold temblar* de frío these plants have suffered in the cold estas plantas han sufrido con el frío you shouldn't go out in the cold no deberías salir con el frío que hace come in out of the cold entra, que hace frío to feel the cold ser* friolento or (Spain/España) friolero, sentir* el frío to be left out in the cold quedarse al margen to leave sb out in the cold dejar a algn al margen


  • (as intensifier/como palabra enfática) to refuse sb cold rechazar* a algn de plano he turned me down cold me dijo que no de plano, me contestó con un no rotundo to stop cold pararse en seco I've got the part down cold now (American English/inglés norteamericano) me sé el papel perfectamente or [colloquial/familiar] de pe a pa ahora

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