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Pronunciation: /ˈkɑːmədi; ˈkɒmədi/

n (plural -dies)

  • 1 countable/numerable (play, film) comedia (feminine) Shakespeare's comedies las comedias de Shakespeare comedy of manners comedia (feminine) de costumbres it was a comedy of errors fue todo un sainete
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    • Setting the play in the 1930s, she took her inspiration primarily from classical Hollywood screwball comedies and films noirs.
    • I had already explored the documentary world at the limits of fiction, and, in fictional films, had explored comedies and thrillers.
    • The film is a comedy, but rarely relies on outright gags for laughs.
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    • It stuck to its well-tried popular repertory of melodramas, comedies, and musicals, though both theatres scheduled touring opera companies throughout the year.
    • On stage he has played character roles in farces, pantomime, comedies and serious drama.
    • Just as the Fool is the wisest character in Shakespeare's comedies, so he pretends to be dim when he's being pin sharp.
  • 2 uncountable/no numerable 2.1 [Cinema/Cine] [Literature/Literatura] [Theater/Teatro] (genre) comedia (feminine) 2.2 (comic entertainment) humorismo (masculine); (before noun/delante del nombre) [show/program] humorístico, de humor
    More example sentences
    • The female menopause, with its hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings, offers rich pickings for jokes and comedy sketches.
    • The Christchurch gang show is one of the longest running in Britain, and features a cast of 60 who will present an extravaganza of songs, sketches and stand-up comedy.
    • It has set a new standard for televised sketch comedy and stand-up.
    2.3 (of situation, scene) comicidad (feminine), lo cómico there's a lot of comedy in the book el libro tiene mucho humor or muchos momentos cómicos
    More example sentences
    • Because after all, a very serious subject like war was getting treated with comedy, as a sit-com, after all.
    • He simply wrote himself into a corner, cranking up the tension and comedy of the situation to a peak he didn't have the imagination to surmount.
    • Yet she clearly relishes creating comedy from situations which, on one level, are deeply tragic.
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    • He has sold short stories in a range of genres, including romantic comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
    • Within the genre of romantic comedy, so many female leads spend entire films longing and pining for the ‘right one’.
    • It respects the genre of romantic comedy while adding a unique flavor.
    More example sentences
    • Despite the undeniable influence of earlier models, Shakespearian comedy represents a distinctive dramatic category.
    • As she gears up for her latest dramatic role, Ramsahai has noted that local audiences love drama but most theatrical offerings in this country are in the comedy genre.
    • The play moves away from the comedy and romance genres, and moves into the world of writing.

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