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Pronunciation: /kəˈmɪʃən/


  • 1 countable/numerable (group) comisión (feminine) government commission comisión gubernamental the European Commission la Comisión Europea or de las Comunidades Europeas
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    • The commission, the inspection body for the health service, has undertaken only 15 such reviews nationally in nearly four years - none previously in Yorkshire.
    • Minority community representatives should be included in all government-appointed educational bodies and commissions.
    • The commission has the authority to summon anyone, including state officials without the approval of the president.
  • 2 c and u (for sales) comisión (feminine) salesmen receive 5% commission los vendedores reciben el 5% de comisión or una comisión del 5% a basic salary plus commission un sueldo base más (la) comisión to sell sth on commission vender algo a comisión (before noun/delante del nombre) commission charge comisión (feminine)
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    • If they sell on, a South African agent will charge a commission of 7 per cent.
    • There is a commission charge of 1 per cent of value on each ATM transaction.
    • Customers should not pay more than a 5 per cent charge on all pension contributions on a commission basis.
  • 3 countable/numerable 3.1 (task, responsibility) cometido (masculine) 3.2 (for music, painting, building) encargo (masculine), comisión (feminine) (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) she got a commission to design a hotel le encargaron el diseño de un hotel
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    • He moved to Paris in 1767, and after a couple of years had become so popular that he received regular commissions to write two or three operas a year for various theatres.
    • Equipped with an English degree and a dossier of poetry, she used to move in circles with short-story writers and poets until she stumbled on a commission to write her first play.
    • For her premiere commission, she ‘wrote what I knew about’, her experience of working in inner-city primary schools.
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    • The foundry was also responsible for many local commissions, including York's first gas lamps and the railings for St Leonard's Place.
    • The renowned sculptor Bob Allen, famous for commissions at Canary Wharf and of the late Queen Mother, will launch the event on Saturday with a private preview.
    • Later he worked as composer-in-residence at Glasgow's Tron Theatre, an invaluable experience as far as his later film commissions were concerned.
    3.3 (office) (in government) cargo (masculine); [Military/Militar] grado (masculine) de oficial; (document) nombramiento (masculine)
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    • I may not have realised all the dreams and hopes I had in my youthful idealism, but I have Jesus and his commands and his commissions.
    • Unfortunately, he got drunk after receiving the sacred instruments of his commission and fell asleep by the roadside.
    • Before Murdoch sailed, Fisher, now the Australian prime minister, gave him an official commission to report on the progress of the Gallipoli campaign.
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    • I resigned my commission and joined the Army National Guard after retiring from a career in finance.
    • He went from being a lieutenant in the Soviet ‘Red’ Army to earning a commission in the U.S. Air Force, and has never looked back.
    • In 1969, he applied for Officer Candidate School and earned a commission as an Infantry officer.
  • 4 uncountable/no numerable (use) servicio (masculine) to be in/go into commission estar*/entrar en servicio to be out of commission estar* fuera de servicio to take sth out of commission retirar algo del servicio
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    • The suspension was prompted by what the SCPO saw as a risk of presumed future commission of criminal offences.
    • The Apex Court accepted the contention of the petitioners that mens rea is necessary for commission of offences under these Sections.
    • Furthermore, the evidence relates to the actual commission of the offence, rather than to an admission to an already completed offence.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

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