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American English: /kəmˈpɛr/
British English: /kəmˈpɛː/

Translation of compare in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (make comparison between)
    you can't compare cheap wine and champagne
    el vino barato y el champán no se pueden comparar
    to compare something/somebody to or with something/somebody
    comparar algo/a alguien con algo/alguien
    he compared the handwriting with that on the envelope
    comparó or cotejó la letra con la del sobre
    it's tiny compared to your house
    es pequeñísima comparada con tu casa or en comparación con tu casa
    Example sentences
    • These estimates of intrusion times may be compared to estimates based on magma supply through dykes.
    • The test was compared to one where similar cells were not exposed to such radio waves.
    • The wine list, again, was cheap compared to uptown prices and so we settled for a bottle of Brouilly at just under thirty bucks.
    1.2 (liken)to compare something/somebody to something/somebody
    comparar algo/a alguien con or a algo/alguien
    she's been compared to Joan of Arc
    se la ha comparado con or a Juana de Arco
    Example sentences
    • You might think that this isn't a very good analogy, comparing prisons to a commercial passenger jet.
    • I like to use the analogy of comparing a campaign to a car.
    • We use things like analogies and say well compare it to how a flower grows, or find a comparison that is an every day common experience that makes sense.
  • 2 (Linguistics)
    formar los grados comparativo y superlativo de

intransitive verb

  • I liked his last book, but the new one just doesn't compare
    me gustó su último libro, pero el nuevo no se puede comparar
    how do the two models compare for speed?
    en cuanto a velocidad ¿qué diferencia hay entre los dos modelos?
    the prices compare pretty well
    no hay mucha diferencia de precio
    to compare with somebody/somethingnothing compares with good home cooking
    la comida casera no se puede comparar con nada
    how does this compare with her first novel?
    ¿qué tal es esta, comparada con su primera novela?
    the sales figures compare with the best of previous years
    las cifras de venta son equiparables or comparables a las mejores de los años anteriores
    your last essays compare favorably with your previous efforts
    tus últimos trabajos están mejor que los anteriores
    it compares badly with other models in the same price range
    desmerece en comparación con otros modelos de precio similar


  • [literary]beyond compare
    sin comparación
    Example sentences
    • Everything about him had been perfect beyond compare, and I had thought that if things were going to change, they were only going to get better.
    • Year One is an action-adventure story without compare.
    • Having lived there for nearly 30 years, I discovered a community spirit beyond compare.
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