Translation of complimentary in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˌkɑːmpləˈmentəri; ˌkɒmplɪˈmentri/


  • 1.1 (flattering) [remark/review/article] elogioso, halagüeño I asked what he thought of you and he was very complimentary le pregunté qué pensaba de ti y fue muy elogioso she wasn't very complimentary about her teacher no habló muy bien de su profesora
    More example sentences
    • Even the odd complimentary remark can annoy me a little.
    • We have received some very complimentary remarks from our customers about the facilities and the services we offer.
    • Except for complimentary remarks about the food, little was said during the meal.
    1.2 (free) [copy] de obsequio or regalo complimentary ticket invitación (f) all drinks on board are complimentary el servicio de bar a bordo es gratuito or es cortesía de la empresa
    More example sentences
    • You will get a complimentary bottle of California wine and your service charge is waived in the Traveler.
    • At most, I could get a complimentary bottle of wine, but inspiration came free, he said.
    • Each sponsor will be proved with two complimentary tickets for the show, valued at €10 each.

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