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Pronunciation: /ˌkɑːmprɪˈhensɪv; ˌkɒmprɪˈhensɪv/


  • 1.1 [survey/report] exhaustivo, global; [view] integral, de conjunto, global; [list/range] completo; [victory/defeat] absoluto; [insurance/cover] contra todo riesgo he has a comprehensive knowledge of computing tiene muy amplios conocimientos de informática
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    • From a comprehensive list of nearly 1,600 daily newspapers, 500 newspapers were selected using standard interval sampling.
    • The Guide contains a comprehensive list of businesses and services in the town and contains a very useful street map of Ballinrobe.
    • Its Explore Kodiak guide has a comprehensive list of outfitters and free activities.
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    • Its thorough research and comprehensive scope should prove invaluable for anyone seriously interested in the subject.
    • The design phase is comprehensive in scope, tackling everything from content and design to functionality and user interface.
    • The Senate Inquiry into mandatory sentencing was broad-ranging, thorough and comprehensive in terms of scope and evidence.
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    • Almost immediately afterwards, the Under-17s cemented victory in their own league with a comprehensive defeat of visitors Sandbach.
    • However, this was a very comprehensive victory, a complete team performance.
    • Brookes added the goal to complete a comprehensive victory for Albion.
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    • Some cost items will differ for different vehicle types, notably comprehensive insurance, but in the main it is reasonable to use fleet size.
    • Is it possible to take out one insurance policy, preferably comprehensive, that would cover us all to drive either of the cars?
    • The good news for motorists with fully comprehensive insurance is that they are covered if their car has water damage.
    1.2 [Sch] (in UK)[ relativo al sistema educativo en el cual no se separa a los educandos según su nivel de aptitud ]
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    • It is important that all schools see themselves, and are seen, as part of a comprehensive system of secondary education.
    • The comprehensive education system was last night seized upon as a key factor in reducing the chances of Scots born between 1967 and 1976 bettering themselves.
    • Is the comprehensive education system to blame for making these teachers' jobs practically impossible?

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