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American English: /kənˈsərn/
British English: /kənˈsəːn/

Translation of concern in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (business, affair) that's no concern of yours
    eso no es asunto tuyo or no es de tu incumbencia
    eso no te concierne or no te incumbe (a ti)
    what concern is it of ours?
    ¿y a nosotros qué nos importa?
    what they do in their free time is their concern
    lo que hagan en su tiempo libre es asunto suyo
    make it your concern to send all the faxes immediately
    encárguese personalmente de que todos los faxes se manden inmediatamente
    Example sentences
    • It is obvious that our children's needs and concerns extend over the whole spectrum of issues which are of concern to adults in our communities.
    • We will welcome your input on matters of concern to your community.
    • Compare the duration of this discussion with the time allocated to matters of concern to the general public.
    Example sentences
    • The land and its people that produce and process the products, form the organisation's business concerns.
    • The house became a business concern in 1995 after the death of the sixth Marquess.
    • Even the established business concerns in Vincent and adjacent to Western Avenue could make an effort to those concerned to clean up the area.
  • 2 uncountable 2.1 (anxiety) there's cause for concern
    hay motivos de preocupación or para preocuparse
    her health has been a constant source or object of concern to her parents
    su salud ha sido un constante motivo de preocupación para sus padres
    there is concern that …
    preocupa que …
    es preocupante or inquietante que …
    Example sentences
    • Controversial plans to merge two primary schools were met with opposition as worried parents raised concerns over their children's safety.
    • This week Professor Hay will attend an inquest in Leeds into his wife's death at which he hopes to raise concerns about the safety of the drug.
    • Traffic troubles in front of the new Richmond High have raised safety concerns as well as irritated drivers.
    2.2 (interest)concern for somebody/something
    interés (masculine) por alguien/algo
    she shows genuine concern for their welfare
    demuestra un verdadero interés por su bienestar
    to be of concern to somebody
    importarle or preocuparle a alguien
    it's of no great concern to me what he does
    no me importa or no me preocupa mucho lo que haga

transitive verb

  • 1 (affect, involve) it concerns all of us
    nos concierne or incumbe a todos
    the people/department concerned
    la gente/el departamento en cuestión
    those concerned know who they are
    los interesados ya saben quiénes son
    to be concerned in something
    estar involucrado en algo
    to be concerned with something
    ocuparse de algo
    where money is concerned, he's hopeless
    en lo que respecta al dinero, es un caso perdido
    is this letter important? — not as far as I'm concerned
    ¿esta carta es importante? — en lo que a mí respecta, no or para mí, no
    as far as I'm concerned, the matter is closed
    en lo que a mí respecta, el asunto está zanjado
    por mi parte doy el asunto por zanjado
    he can drop dead as far as I'm concerned [colloquial]
    por mí que se muera [colloquial]
    I might as well not exist as far as he's concerned
    para él es como si yo no existiera
    to whom it may concern [formal]
    Example sentences
    • It is so important for all concerned that we know what people do and do not want.
    • She said the PCT is committed to involving staff and patients in the review and that all concerned parties would be kept informed.
    • While no definitive solution to the impasse was reached there will be a further meeting of all concerned next week
  • 2 2.1 (interest) money is the only thing that concerns him
    el dinero es lo único que le interesa
    to be concerned with somethingI'm more concerned with quality than quantity
    me interesa más la calidad que la cantidad
    Example sentences
    • Some, such as chambers of commerce, concern themselves with narrowly defined interests.
    • There is every likelihood of there being something of interest to those who concern themselves with such things, and tourism might be enhanced.
    • CB has been personally involved with some of the campaigns his newspaper has concerned itself with.
    2.2 (worry, bother) what concerns her is …
    lo que le or la preocupa or inquieta es …
    Example sentences
    • This bodybuilder admits that the cost concerns him, but he appears less worried about the health risks.
    • Still, the fact that enough other papers all but glossed over his troubles concerns me.
    • A chance remark by trainer Peter Niven a few weeks ago worried me then, and concerns me even more in retrospect.
  • 3 (relate to) my doubts concern her experience
    tengo dudas en cuanto a or (con) respecto a su experiencia
    my fears concerning her health were unfounded
    mis temores en cuanto a or respecto a su salud eran infundados
    item one concerns the new office
    el primer punto trata de la nueva oficina
    Example sentences
    • Of course, the Today Tonight story was only concerned with the latter issue.
    • Julian Barnes's new book of short stories is concerned with old age and death.
    • Shelton is less concerned with telling a story than with finding answers.

reflexive verb

  • to concern oneself (about somebody/something)
    preocuparse (por alguien/algo)
    I wouldn't concern yourself
    yo que tú no me preocuparía
    to concern oneself with somethingI don't concern myself with their affairs
    yo no me inmiscuyo en sus asuntos
    concern yourself with the problem in hand
    ocúpate del problema que tienes entre manos
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