There are 3 translations of content in Spanish:


n (contents pl)

/ˈkɑːntent; ˈkɒntent/
  • 1 (of box, bottle, book) contenido (m); contenidos (mpl) the house will be sold with its contents la casa se venderá con todos los muebles she read the contents of the letter leyó la carta contents 200 approx contenido: aprox 200 (table of) contents (of book) índice (m) de materias, sumario (m) (in magazine) sumario (m)
    More example sentences
    • All orders come packaged in the eponymous brown box and wrapped in parcel paper - but their contents include a dazzling array of delights.
    • Firebugs who torched a double garage wrecked the contents, including a car and a freezer packed with food, it was revealed today.
    • Christina had crawled off of her bed and packed a bag to take with her, its contents including enough money to return to Los Angeles.
    More example sentences
    • Each section begins with its own table of contents and lists chapters and subchapters of that section.
    • There is certainly a detailed list of contents at the front of the book, but this is not an alphabetic index.
    • The search will produce a web page containing the book's table of contents, a sample chapter, and a list of the corporate sponsors.
  • 2 u 2.1 (amount contained) contenido (m) sugar/lead content contenido de azúcar/plomo vitamin content contenido vitamínico the silver content of the alloy la cantidad or proporción de plata que contiene la aleación 2.2 (substance) contenido (m)
    More example sentences
    • Besides, the fat content was too low for long-term use.
    • Also, because of its low fat content, they are considered the most digestible and least likely to bring about sickness.
    • Eat meals with a low fat content, and avoid coffee, chocolate, milk, alcohol, nicotine and tomatoes.
  • 3 u /kənˈtent/ (contentment) [literario/literary], contento (m) [literario/literary]
    More example sentences
    • That's unfair - the more so because it was Stern's style and content of speech that made him rich in the first place.
    • Angelina's family background informed the style and content of her literary works.
    • Yet despite all that it probably was still the speech of his life - strong on content if short on style.

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There are 3 translations of content in Spanish:



  • (pred) contento to be content with sth estar* contento con algo I'm quite content with my new job estoy muy contento con mi nuevo trabajo not content with raising taxes … no contentos con subir los impuestos … he's content to look after the children está contento cuidando a los niños
    More example sentences
    • But ten days ago both sides were quite content with the result, both realising that they had come perilously close to losing.
    • We have had the investment for only a month and we are quite content with it.
    • Australia's politicians and their advisers seem very content with our present defence policies and prescriptions.

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There are 3 translations of content in Spanish:




v refl

  • to content oneself with sth/-ing contentarse or conformarse con algo/+ inf you'll have to content yourself with a little less to start with para empezar te tendrás que contentar con un poco menos
    More example sentences
    • Don't content yourself with an adequate performance from yourself or your students.
    • I contented myself with not doing a very good job on the canteen chairs.
    • In the meantime, content yourself with what you imagined it would've sounded like.

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