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/ˈkɑːntest; ˈkɒntest/
  • 1.1 (competition) [Games/Juegos] concurso (masculine); [Sport/Deporte] competencia (feminine) (Latin America/América Latina) , competición (feminine) (Spain/España) ; (in boxing) combate (masculine)
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    • Festivals are based on contests and events such as poetry readings, sports, and other activities.
    • The technical events include quiz contests, an on-the-spot hardware design contest and a hardware debugging contest.
    • Over 25 events, including contests, classes and fun games, will be held.
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    • It is also the outcome of the calculated political manipulation of the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.
    • Watching the Conservative Party leadership contest, political neutrals are unsure whether to laugh or cry.
    • Then, presidential candidates can't ignore the early political contests in New Hampshire and Iowa, or can they?
    1.2 (struggle, battle) lucha (feminine), contienda (feminine) the fight wasn't much of a contest la pelea no estuvo muy reñida it was no contest el resultado estaba cantado do you think they're a better team? — oh, no contest [colloquial/familiar] ¿te parecen un equipo mejor? — hombre, ni comparación
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    • Part B concentrates on such contests and disputes, exploring them more systematically than did the prior materials.
    • I don't at this stage, and I never have thought, that it's constructive to characterise it as a conflict or a contest.
    • The contest over tropes of traditional Africa and measures of authenticity in postcolonial arts and politics can be thought of in a similar manner.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 [allegation] refutar; [will] impugnar he contested the umpire's decision protestó contra la decisión del árbitro 1.2 [election] presentarse como candidato a a hotly contested election unas elecciones muy reñidas six candidates were contesting the seat seis candidatos se disputaban el escaño

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