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Translation of contract in Spanish:


American English: /ˈkɑntrækt/
British English: /ˈkɒntrakt/
  • 1 1.1 (agreement)
    (for public works, services) contrata (feminine)
    to enter into a contract (with somebody)
    celebrar un contrato (con alguien)
    to honor/break a contract
    cumplir/incumplir or violar un contrato
    contract of employment under the terms of your contract
    según lo establecido en su contrato
    a fixed contract
    un contrato fijo
    to be under contract to somebody/something
    estar bajo contrato con alguien/algo
    to win/lose a contract (Business)
    obtener or conseguir/perder un contrato
    to put something out to contract
    otorgar la contrata de or para algo
    (before noun) (price)
    1.2 (document) to sign a contract
    suscribir un contrato [formal]
    to exchange contracts (in UK: on property deal)
    suscribir el contrato de compraventa
  • 2 (for murder) [slang]to put out a contract on somebody
    ponerle precio a la cabeza de alguien
    Example sentences
    • When he can't succeed in killing himself, he hires a contract killer to carry out the job for him.
    • For example, a serial killer and a contract killer both kill lots of people, but the crimes are essentially different.
    • Then a solution presents itself: why not hire a contract killer?

transitive verb

American English: /kənˈtrækt/
British English: /kənˈtrakt/
  • 1
    also American English: /ˈkɑntrækt/
    British English: /ˈkɒntrakt/
    (place under contract) contratar
    Example sentences
    • Now with open access, the mining companies wish to handle the traffics themselves, or contract with third parties.
    • Vendors contract with one of nine independent laboratory-testing facilities.
    • He told how they contract with area farmers to guarantee a steady supply.
    Example sentences
    • If a local authority contracts a builder to construct a certain amount of houses they must pay the full cost not just a deposit.
    • Channel Seven contracted an outside lawyer to work up a draft agreement and has refused to negotiate on anything falling outside its scope.
    • He complained about the wild dogs and the National Parks & Wildlife Service contracted a local man to trap and shoot the dogs.
  • 2 2.1
    contraer [formal]
    Example sentences
    • As stated earlier, much of the debt was contracted by undemocratic governments and oppressive regimes.
    • He says that he contracted the debt on behalf of the ruling party.
    • How unjust to do so by pillaging the church, an institution that was neither responsible for contracting the debt nor had benefited from the deficit expenditures.
    contraer [formal]
    Example sentences
    • If you think you've contracted an infectious disease, contact your doctor.
    • Two other patients are critically ill after contracting the disease through infected organs from the donor.
    • His early education was restricted by severe asthma and he contracted tuberculosis when he started medical school.
  • 3 3.1
    Example sentences
    • In the case of the Sun or some similar large object, as it contracts there is a decrease in its gravitational energy because the composite matter is moving closer to the middle, and that energy has to go somewhere.
    • The deer's range later contracted to the Ural Mountains, in modern-day Russia, which separate Europe from Asia.
    • On cooling it contracts to a smaller dimension, thus reducing the area of contact and allowing oxide to form at the interface.
    Example sentences
    • This stimulation causes electrical activity in the muscle, which in turn causes the muscle to contract or tighten.
    • It increases the heart rate, makes muscles contract more forcefully and enhances the general state of alertness.
    • For example, as an individual lands from a jump, the quadriceps muscle contracts, protecting the knee.
    Example sentences
    • I haven't checked the audio to see whether ‘is’ was contracted or not in those examples.
    • Incidentally, Hocus Pocus was itself contracted during the eighteenth century into the word ‘Hoax.’
    • The various sources consulted differ in its further evolution; some say the word was contracted further to aan't, others say an't (pronounced ahnt).

intransitive verb

American English: /kənˈtrækt/
British English: /kənˈtrakt/
  • 1also American English: /ˈkɑntrækt/
    British English: /ˈkɒntrakt/
    (enter into an agreement)to contract (with somebody) for something
    celebrar un contrato (con alguien) para algo
    we hope to contract with them for the supply of …
    esperamos celebrar un contrato con ellos para el suministro de …
  • 2 (become smaller)

Phrasal verbs

contract in

Pronunciation: /ˈkɑːntrækt/, /ˈkɒntrækt/ verb + adverb (British)
darse de alta

contract out

Pronunciation: /ˈkɑːntrækt/, /ˈkɒntrækt/
1verb + adverb (+ preposition + object) (withdraw) (British) (Business) you really can't contract out of your obligations
no puedes evadirte de tus obligaciones
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
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