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American English: /kənˈtroʊl/
British English: /kənˈtrəʊl/

Translation of control in Spanish:

transitive verb present participle controlling past tense, past participle controlled

  • 1 1.1 (command)
    efercer control sobre
    his ambition to control the business
    su ambición de hacerse con el control del negocio
    Example sentences
    • The whole point of a blog is that its author controls its content.
    • In London, many people defied a request by police to avoid meeting in Trafalgar Square, where authorities often have trouble controlling the rowdier celebrants.
    • By controlling influential committees, the Prime Minister can also ensure that he drives the policies of these committees.
    1.2 (regulate)
    Example sentences
    • Scientists believe they will be able to develop treatments for deafness due to the discovery of the gene they believe controls the process that enables us to hear.
    • The researchers' initial goal was to learn what controls this process.
    • This aspect of the process was controlled through separate instrumentation.
  • 2 2.1 (curb, hold in check)
    you ought to control that temper of yours!
    ¡deberías controlar or dominar ese genio!
    to control oneself
    Example sentences
    • By tightly controlling your blood sugar levels, intensive insulin therapy can help prevent long-term diabetes complications such as kidney damage.
    • Mr Keaney said noise and dust generated by the quarry could be controlled by conditions limiting the hours of operation and the cleaning of the public roads.
    • He also called upon the citizens to launch a green revolution to control increasing pollution levels in the City.
    2.2 (manage, steer)
    Example sentences
    • In addition to the presidential race, November's election will determine which party controls the next Congress.
    • A small number of states could determine which party controls the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.
    • If the election is as tight as it promises to be, they could well determine who controls the US Senate.


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (command) to be in control who's in control here?
    ¿quién manda aquí?
    they were now in complete control of the straits
    ahora dominaban or controlaban completamente el estrecho
    to gain control of something
    hacerse con el control de algo
    to have/lose control of something
    tener/perder el control de algo
    the firm remains in the family's control
    la compañía sigue en manos de or bajo el control de la familia
    the zone was under Arab control
    la zona estaba bajo el control or el dominio de los árabes
    we need only a few more shares to take control of the company
    solo necesitamos unas pocas acciones más para hacernos con el control de la compañía
    Example sentences
    • The fact that they failed to do so was dictated to some degree by events outside their direct control.
    • It is doubtful whether he had any particular control over the course of events.
    • The director would not have day-to-day control or financial power over the other agencies.
    1.2 (ability to control, restrain) to be beyond somebody's control
    estar fuera del control de alguien
    escapar al control de alguien
    problems which are beyond the government's control
    problemas que escapan al control del gobierno
    circumstances beyond our control may lead to delays
    circunstancias ajenas a nuestra voluntad pueden ocasionar retrasos
    she was in complete control of herself throughout
    en ningún momento perdió el control or el dominio de sí misma
    to be out of control
    estar fuera de control
    to get out of control he brought his anger under control
    logró controlar or dominar su ira
    the epidemic is under control she struggled to keep the horse under control
    luchó para mantener al caballo bajo control
    he lost control of the horse
    perdió el control del caballo
    el caballo se le desmandó
    he lost control of himself
    perdió el control or el dominio de sí mismo
    perdió los estribos
    se descontroló
    he lost control of the car
    perdió el control del coche
    Example sentences
    • Parked cars were damaged when the driver of a car lost control on a roundabout and collided with them yesterday.
    • It is understood that around 10 am, the driver of the car lost control after colliding with a lorry.
    • Last December a car lost control and hit the wall near the village hall.
    Example sentences
    • He says that no matter how tough these guys appear there often comes a time when they lose control of their emotions.
    • Sometimes I think that it would be good to be one of those people who are in total control of their emotions.
    • She knew she was losing control over her emotions.
  • 2 uncountable and countable (regulation, restriction)control(s) on/of something
    control (masculine) de algo
    arms control wage control(s)
    regulación (feminine) salarial or de salarios
    price control(s)
    control (masculine) de precios
    Example sentences
    • The market will become unfettered by regulation - the modest controls on the internet to protect consumers, for example, are to be dumped on the grounds that they impose burdens on business.
    • The department, which is responsible for official controls on animal feed, did not disclose where the contaminated premixture was found.
    • In the 1920s the state imposed controls on freight charges.
  • 3 3.1 uncountable (knob, switch)
    botón (masculine) de control
    control (masculine)
    the volume/tone control
    el botón or control del volumen/tono
    Example sentences
    • Even the cheapest alarms have an on/off switch and a volume control, something that many people seem to forget.
    • Voice dialling and other key phone functions can be activated using the vehicles' steering wheel controls.
    • Many complain that the modern car is home to a confusing and unnecessary multitude of buttons, switches and controls.
    also: controls plural
    (of vehicle)
    mandos (masculine plural)
  • 4 4.1 (headquarters) (no article)
    Example sentences
    • All this means is that passport control can verify that you are who you say you are.
    • In the shop after passport control, some goods were being sold at high-street prices.
    • If you get your visa in the UK before you go, you can skip this queue, go direct to passport control and be first in the baggage reclaim queue.
    4.2 countable (checkpoint)
  • 5 countable (in experiment) (before noun) control experiment
    experimento (masculine) de control
    control group
    Example sentences
    • Intact leaves selected the evening before the experiments served as controls.
    • Compared with controls, significant results remained for deliberate self-harm in moderately and severely victimized individuals.
    • Dr Duncan found that only one of the groups, the third group, showed any apparent effect in comparison with the control group.
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