Translation of convert in Spanish:



/ˈkɑːnvɜːrt; ˈkɒnvɜːt/
  • converso, (masculine, feminine) convert (from sth) to sth converso (de algo) a algo we have become converts to solar energy nos hemos convertido en partidarios del uso de la energía solar
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    • Like many financial advisers, he has a strong entrepreneurial streak and pursues his ideas with the eye-popping zeal of a convert to a new religion.
    • A girl of my age declaring herself a convert to any religion is sure to raise eyebrows.
    • Steve's a really interesting guy and a convert to the Faith to boot!

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

/kənˈvɜːrt; kənˈvɜːt/
  • 1 [building] remodelar, reformar; [vehicle] transformar to convert sth into sth convertir* or transformar algo en algo the church has been converted into a museum la iglesia ha sido convertida or transformada en un museo these panels convert the sunlight into electricity estas placas convierten la luz solar en electricidad they live in a converted barn viven en un granero convertido en vivienda
  • 2 2.1 (exchange) [Finance] to convert sth into sth [shares/currency] convertir* algo en algo to convert securities into real estate convertir* valores en bienes inmuebles 2.2 (change) to convert sth into o to sth [weights/measures] convertir* algo a or en algo to convert pounds into kilos convertir* libras a or en kilos
  • 3 (cause to change view) convertir* to convert sb to sth convertir* a algn a algo a converted Jew/Communist un judío/comunista converso he converted us to the idea nos convenció de la idea
  • 5 (appropriate) [Law/Derecho] [property] apropiarse indebidamente

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

/kənˈvɜːrt; kənˈvɜːt/
  • 1 (change into) to convert into o to sth convertirse* or transformarse en algo
  • 2 [Politics/Política] [Religion/Religión] to convert to sth convertirse* a algo

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