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American English: /ˈkɔrnər/
British English: /ˈkɔːnə/

Translation of corner in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (inside angle)
    (of room, cupboard) rincón (masculine)
    in the top righthand corner of the page
    en el ángulo superior derecho de la página
    a quiet corner of Hampshire
    un tranquilo rincón de Hampshire
    to see/watch something/somebody out of the corner of one's eye
    ver/observar algo/a alguien de reojo or con el rabillo del ojo
    from all or the four corners of the earth or world
    de todas partes (del mundo)
    de los cuatro puntos cardinales
    to be in a (tight) corner
    estar en un aprieto
    to drive/force somebody into a corner
    acorralar a alguien
    to paint oneself into a corner (before noun) corner cupboard
    Example sentences
    • The sides are straight and the corners at right angles.
    • If your site includes any corners or other right angles, look for stone that already shows this shape.
    • All the sides, corners, angles and areas are the same.
    Example sentences
    • I did as I was told and placed myself in a chair near the corner of the room.
    • The woman continued to stare at her from her seat near the corner of the room, but she warmly smiled and got up.
    • If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the above, then go straight to the nearest corner of the room without passing go.
    1.2 (outside angle)
    (of street, page) esquina (feminine)
    (bend in road) curva (feminine)
    I'll meet you on or at the corner
    te veo en la esquina
    he took the corner too fast
    tomó la curva demasiado rápido
    around the corner to cut cornersif you try to cut corners, the recipe doesn't work
    si tratas de simplificar la receta, no te sale bien
    we could produce a cheaper article, but only by cutting corners
    podríamos producir un artículo más barato, pero solo si cuidáramos menos los detalles
    to turn the corner (lit)
    dar la vuelta a or doblar la esquina
    the country seems to be turning the corner at last
    por fin parece que el país empieza a levantarse or a repuntar
    Example sentences
    • An empty house on the corner of Birch Street, West Bowling, is the first project to be blitzed by the group in a bid to improve the appearance of the area.
    • We fared much better at Vox Populi, a funky old house on the corner of a tree-lined street.
    • Speaking of which, has anyone bought that old brick house on the corner of Mason Street?
    Example sentences
    • The aluminum-composite hybrid suspension handles sharp corners and loose curves with no problem.
    • I noticed that a small crowd of people had gathered around a sharp corner of the road.
    • This new circuit will allow for the testing of braking system performance in snow and ice conditions on sharp corners and twisty turns.
  • 2 2.1 (in soccer)
    also: corner kick
    Example sentences
    • Before the corner kick, Solomartin picks up a yellow card for shirt-tugging.
    • Two goals in five minutes put Windermere ahead when Liam Salisbury headed in from a corner kick and a long ball found Matt Parkinson, who beat two men and the keeper.
    • Parkville upped it another gear and Colin Coady got on the end of a corner kick to poke the ball home and secure all three points for Parkville.
    2.2 (in hockey)
    Example sentences
    • ‘Our goal scoring went up, we could score field goals, we could score from penalty corners,’ he said.
    • When I first played hockey as a junior, rules prohibited undercutting on penalty corners.
    • Chile finally scored on their fifth penalty corner by Jorge O'Rayn.
  • 3 (in boxing) to fight one's/somebody's corner (British) he was determined to fight his own corner
    estaba decidido a defender lo suyo
    estaba decidido a pelearla [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • They stood in opposite corners of the ring, our man with his back to the tent fighter, waiting to be called to fight by the clang of the bell.
    • Dundee is livid in the corner between rounds while Foster has a smug look.
    • Clay came to his corner after the fourth round complaining of a burning sensation in both eyes.
    Example sentences
    • McCline got up at the count of nine as the bell sounded to end the round, but his corner would not allow him to continue.
    • It was apparent their corners told them that, whomever won round 4, would probably win the bout.

transitive verb

  • 1 (trap)
    I cornered her in the corridor
    la abordé en el pasillo
    Example sentences
    • Frank led a raiding party of eight men who eventually succeeded in cornering the goat after a two-hour operation.
    • The distressed bird was eventually cornered by one of the security officers, who used his cap to gather it into custody.
    • The fox by now had run for cover, but each hole he went to was of course filled in, we finally catch up with the dogs who had by now got the fox cornered by a hedge.
  • 2 (monopolize)
    Example sentences
    • Last year, his attempt to corner the market in television football fell foul of British monopoly authorities.
    • If you could bring together the handful of people who knew a niche, you could all but corner the market in it.
    • No way was he going to let them corner the market in novelty and wonder.
    Example sentences
    • Also unheard-of was a cartel cornering a commodity such as crude oil, as long as the medium of exchange was gold.

intransitive verb

  • tomar una curva
    this car corners well
    este coche tiene buen agarre en las curvas
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