Translation of cotton in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈkɑːtn; ˈkɒtn/


  • 1 1.1 (cloth) algodón (m) is it cotton? ¿es de algodón? (before n) [shirt/dress/sheet] de algodón cotton print estampado (m) de algodón
    More example sentences
    • Handwoven cotton cloth is sewn into wraps for women and tunics for men, as well as into blankets.
    • Today, dedicated to report-writing, I was wearing a cotton blouse and linen skirt.
    • Warm up the stock over a gentle heat, so it liquifies completely, then strain it carefully through muslin or a cotton cloth.
    1.2 (thread) (BrE) hilo (m) (de coser) 1.3
    (absorbent cotton)
    (AmE) algodón (m) (hidrófilo or en rama)
  • 2 2.1 (plant) algodón (m) field of cotton algodonal (m) 2.2 (fiber) algodón (m) (before n) cotton gin almarrá (m) cotton mill fábrica (f) de tejidos (de algodón)
    More example sentences
    • Toy cotton reels or buttons can be sorted by colour or threaded on to laces, while plastic pegs can be used for pattern-making and counting.
    • The coils sit on cotton reel spools that are placed on the plastic ribs that make up the ovoid shape.
    • If there's more than one tray, place four cotton reels strategically so that you can stack one tray on top of another.
    More example sentences
    • Once they conceive a quilt, the fabrics are chosen, cut up and combined using organic cotton wadding.
    • Fluid may be cleaned from the connection sites with cotton swabs, if needed.
    • Cotton swab palpation of areas outside the vulvar vestibule result in minimal pain.
    More example sentences
    • The cotton plant is very sensitive to low available soil K.
    • Although the cotton plant can tolerate leaf damage and tip boring up to 50 per cent before yield is reduced, it is more susceptible to pest damage than most crops especially in the rainy season.
    • A period of 6 weeks is required for a cotton plant to complete opening of all bolls.

Phrasal verbs

cotton on

v + adv
[colloquial/familiar] to cotton on (to sth) darse* cuenta (de algo), caer* en la cuenta (de algo) it took her a long time to cotton on tardó mucho en darse cuenta or en caer en la cuenta

cotton to

v + prep + o (AmE)
1.1 (take a liking to) [colloquial/familiar] simpatizar* con I didn't cotton to him at first al principio no simpaticé con él or no me cayó bien 1.2 (realize, understand) [implications/dangers] darse* cuenta de, caer* en la cuenta de

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