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American English: /kʊd/
, /kəd/
British English: /kəd/
, /kʊd/

Translation of could in Spanish:

modal verb

  • 1pastcan1
    Example sentences
    • So I had to learn every aspect as much as I could, in order to get through it and make it.
    • We could hear the clear belling from inside the patch of forest in the valley.
    • How did you go about putting that into words so you could file a sensible report to camera?
  • 2 (indicating possibility) forms of if I took a taxi, I could get there on time
    si tomara un taxi, podría llegar a tiempo
    I would help you if I could
    te ayudaría si pudiera
    we could be a little late this evening
    puede (ser) que or tal vez lleguemos un poco tarde esta noche
    that could be him now
    puede (ser) que sea él
    you could have killed us all!
    ¡podrías or podías habernos matado a todos!
    you could be right
    puede (ser) que tengas razón
    that could be the case, but we have no evidence
    podría or pudiera ser, pero no tenemos pruebas
    well, I daresay I could, but I don't want to I couldn't possibly agree to that
    de ninguna manera podría acceder a eso
    she couldn't have got there before six because she didn't leave until quarter to
    no pudo or no puede haber llegado antes de las seis porque no salió hasta menos cuarto
    she couldn't have got there before six even if she'd tried
    no podría haber llegado antes de las seis aunque lo hubiera intentado
    it could have been better
    podría or podía haber estado mejor
    was the soup OK? — it could have been hotter
    ¿qué tal la sopa? — no estaba muy caliente que digamos
    he couldn't have treated us more kindly
    no podría or no podía habernos tratado mejor
    they couldn't be happier
    están contentos a más no poder
    I couldn't agree more
    estoy completamente de acuerdo
    Example sentences
    • There is also the possibility that it could be used to re-examine unsolved crimes.
    • One possibility is that he could be sent abroad, but in practice this rarely happens.
    • There will be a possibility that police could give advice to members of the public in the room.
  • 3 3.1 (asking permission) could I use your bathroom?
    ¿podría or me permitiría pasar al baño?
    if I could just say something here …
    si me permiten hacer una acotación …
    Example sentences
    • We had a letter to say they had not received the form and could I make a request for a new one.
    • Where did you find the information that you used to write it, and could you suggest a few books for me?
    • I would be grateful if any readers could tell me more.
    3.2 (in requests) could you please be quiet!
    ¿me haces el favor de callarte?
    could you sign here please?
    ¿quiere firmar aquí, por favor?
    3.3 (in offers) could I be of some assistance? [formal]
    (in shop etc) ¿lo/la atienden?
  • 4 4.1 (in suggestions) forms of you could try doing it this way
    podrías tratar de hacerlo de esta manera
    you could at least apologize!
    ¡al menos podrías pedir perdón!
    4.2 (indicating strong desire) forms of I could have killed/hugged her
    la hubiera matado/abrazado
    la podría or podía haber matado/abrazado
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