Translation of crop in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /krɑːp; krɒp/


  • 1 1.1 (quantity of produce) cosecha (feminine) to harvest a crop cosechar this rain will be good for the crops esta lluvia les vendrá bien a los cultivos
    More example sentences
    • He was harvesting the crops, and had gathered in his arms a large bundle of corn.
    • When the crop was harvested, pesticide residues were found to exceed the legal limit.
    • They have to harvest the crop with almost military precision and at a pace almost as hectic as war.
    1.2 (type of produce) cultivo (masculine) crop spraying fumigación (feminine) de cultivos 1.3 (batch) [colloquial/familiar] tanda (feminine) [colloquial/familiar] this year's crop of students la tanda de estudiantes de este año
    More example sentences
    • Every season, first books appear by a crop of new writers worthy of ink and paper.
    • The president's advisors will be worried by the latest crop of polls which appear to indicate a groundswell of dissatisfaction with their man.
    • The new crop of boats appears to be designed and built by committee, the accountants and people with no practical experience.
  • 2 (haircut) corte (masculine) de pelo muy corto
    More example sentences
    • Buns, twists, chignons and hair knots generally work for most hair types, textures and lengths except super short chops and crops.
    • While I was eating, my mom fussed with my short crop of red hair.
    • Her back was turned to me, so I could only see her short crop of black hair and the red mantle she wore.
  • 4 (of bird) buche (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • Grain is stored in their crops and ground by the grit in their gizzard.
    • Chickadees don't have a crop in their throats to store food that is slowly digested while sleeping.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (-pp-)

  • 1 (cut) [hair] cortar muy corto; [tail/ears] cortar he had a lean face and cropped hair tenía el rostro enjuto y el pelo muy corto cropped jacket (British English/inglés británico) chaqueta (feminine) corta to crop grass pastar, pacer*

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (-pp-)

  • [Agric] darse*

Phrasal verbs

crop out

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio

crop up

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
[Geology/Geología] aflorar 1.1 (occur, present itself) [colloquial/familiar] surgir* if anything interesting crops up si surge algo interesante something must have cropped up at work debe haber surgido algún problema en el trabajo one phrase crops up again and again in the report hay una frase que se repite constantemente en el informe

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