Translation of crush in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /krʌʃ/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (squash) [box/car/person/fingers] aplastar; [garlic] machacar*; [grapes] prensar, pisar; [dress/suit] arrugar* we sat crushed together in the back nos sentamos apretujados en la parte de atrás she crushed the berry between her fingers aplastó or estrujó la baya con los dedos they managed to crush seven people into the car consiguieron meter apretujadas a siete personas en el coche she crushed everything into the case metió todo apretujado en la maleta
    More example sentences
    • Then I want to pulverize those rocks by crushing each against the other, and that takes every last ounce of power and strength in my soul.
    • Paul crushes all of the pills and puts them into his mother's nightly milk.
    • As such they could be crushed and ground for use, like peppercorns, as well as pressed to make a juice.
    More example sentences
    • The April Uprising was crushed with great cruelty by the Ottoman Army.
    • When this news arrived in Paris on the last day of 1791, it seemed to confirm all that Brissot and his allies had been claiming about a league of despots determined to crush the Revolution.
    • He was then promoted to governor-general, where he asserted his authority, crushing rebellions and suppressing the slave trade.

    crush (up)

    (pound, pulverize) [nuts/root/stone] triturar crushed ice hielo (masculine) picado or (Mexico/México) frappé
  • 2 (subdue) [resistance/rebels/enemy] aplastar he felt utterly crushed se sintió completamente abatido they succeeded in crushing the bill lograron que no se aprobara el proyecto de ley the government moved swiftly to crush the rumor el gobierno actuó con rapidez para acallar el rumor

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • [dress/suit] arrugarse* do you think we can all crush into the back? ¿crees que nos podemos apretujar todos en la parte de atrás?
    More example sentences
    • She looked at the crumpled ticket that was crushed in her hand.
    • He crushed the paper and threw it across the parking lot.
    • She asked, crushing one of the sheets of paper into a ball in frustration.


  • 1 (crowd) (no plural/sin plural) aglomeración (feminine) there was a terrible crush at the bar había una aglomeración or un gentío horrible en el bar three people were injured in the crush tres personas resultaron heridas en el tumulto it was a bit of a crush with eight people in the car con ocho personas en el coche se estaba un poco apretado
  • 2 countable/numerable (infatuation) [colloquial/familiar] enamoramiento (masculine) to have a crush on sb estar* chiflado por algn [colloquial/familiar] all the kids had a crush on Miss Spinetti todos los niños estaban chiflados por Miss Spinetti it's just a schoolboy crush solo es un enamoramiento de adolescente

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