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American English: /ˈkərənt/
British English: /ˈkʌr(ə)nt/

Translation of current in Spanish:


  • 1 (before noun) 1.1 (existing)
    en curso
    Example sentences
    • This was done in the current research by presenting events (bets on the toss of a coin) in blocks.
    • I'm not expected to be well-educated on modern politics and current events.
    • However, they obviously did not do enough because if there was not a serious problem the current turn of events would not have happened.
    1.2 (most recent)
    (price list)
  • 2 2.1 (valid)
    Example sentences
    • A common current myth about American English is that it is being ruined by mass media.
    • The attitude current at the time was that they were an inferior race.
    2.2 (prevailing)
    2.3 (up to date) (predicative) to be/become current
    estar/ponerse al corriente or al día


  • 1 countable 1.1 (flow of water, air) against the current
    contra la corriente
    with the current
    en el sentido de la corriente
    Example sentences
    • In the underwater world, the lateral system sensed the currents of water surrounding the fishes' bodies.
    • It is so big it has blocked wind and water currents that break up ice floes in McMurdo Sound during the Antarctic summer.
    • The data will cover things such as water currents, wind direction and temperatures.
    Example sentences
    • This is why there is not a people in which these three currents of opinion do not coexist, turning man toward divergent and even contradictory directions.
    • The courts' response is generally slow, often several years behind the current of popular opinion.
    • They also provide a glimpse of the powerful social currents that shape the course of language usage in society.
    1.2 (general trend) to go with the current
    dejarse llevar por la corriente
    to go against the current
    ir contra la corriente
  • 2 countable and uncountable (Electricity) to run off household current (US)
    funcionar con electricidad
    Example sentences
    • The very small particles stream through wires and circuits creating currents of electricity.
    • This interaction causes giant electrical currents to flow above our heads of around one million amps!
    • Due to certain conditions of the earth beneath dwellings, electrical currents are caused to flow, thus producing a magnetic field that extends into the dwelling space.
    Example sentences
    • Then measure the voltage and current by attaching your volt meter to the two pieces of metal.
    • As discussed previously, voltage is measured in volts, and current is measured in amps.
    • A first detector detects an average of the AC current applied to the charge member.
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