Translation of cute in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /kjuːt/

adj (cuter, cutest)

  • 1.1 (sweet) [baby/face] mono [familiar/colloquial], cuco [familiar/colloquial], rico (CS) [familiar/colloquial]
    More example sentences
    • And I haven't had any luck attracting cute little kittens to the window.
    • Attractive subjects are cute animals, pretty women, nice landscapes, interesting portraits.
    • Her sweet voice and cute, large eyes attracted most people.
    More example sentences
    • Benatar had a rough-hewn sexuality; John was coquettish and irksomely cute.
    • In addition to that, he's funny, cute, pretty sweet, and has a killer body.
    • This sophisticated giant oozes sex appeal as well as being cute and pretty, perfect for a woman like me.
    More example sentences
    • The first time I heard about the Slow Food movement, recently arrived on our shores from its native Italy, I thought the whole idea sounded cute.
    • Once Slatkin stepped a bit on the pedal, it worked out very nicely and the trumpet call from the wings was at least a cute idea.
    • But, you know, my mom and my dad told me about this show, and I just thought it was such a cute idea.
    1.2 (attractive) (AmE) a cute guy un tipo guapo or (esp AmL) buen mozo she's really cute! ¡es guapísima or (esp AmL) lindísima! 1.3 (clever) (AmE) listo, vivo (AmL) [familiar/colloquial] 1.4 (contrived) (AmE) afectado, efectista

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