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American English: /dæns/
British English: /dɑːns/

Translation of dance in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable (act) may I have this dance?
    ¿me concede este baile or esta pieza? [dated]
    to lead somebody a merry dance (British)
    darle quebraderos de cabeza a alguien
    Example sentences
    • This emotion seeps out whenever I express myself, in my art, my dance, and my writing.
    • The team, which is currently all-female, performed a dance and cheer routine to open the event and to entertain the audience during the interval.
    • Any members who wish to perform a dance sing a song or entertain on the night are welcome.
    1.2 countable (set of steps) the dance of death
    la danza de la muerte
    Example sentences
    • The poem I wrote this morning - Barong Dance is about the link between the music and the dance in Balinese Dance dramas.
    • Once there, they will perform a series of historic dances to music by the QuintEssential Sackbut & Cornett Ensemble.
    • The dance steps matched the beat as it sped up and everything intensified with complexity.
    Example sentences
    • In that version, some of the choreographic dance sequence and all the motion were edited backward.
    • If that contest also ends in a tie, then then each side picks one Justice to re-enact the final dance sequence from Flashdance.
    • But the way things turned out is all the more poignant if you see the enthusiasm she brought to Bitter Rice, as well as the steamy energy of the dance sequences.
    1.3 uncountable (art form) dance class
    clase (feminine) de baile
    dance step
    paso (masculine) de baile
    Example sentences
    • For 10 days, this town is inundated with cultural activities, of which dance is a big part, from classical ballet to flamenco.
    • Michelle believes that dance is a worthwhile activity for everyone.
    • Yes, dance is a physical art form, but it's also a visual one.
  • 2 (occasion)
    (before noun) (music)
    de baile
    Example sentences
    • After months of seeing Brent and Eve at all of the parties and dances and other social events, she'd had become quite content in her single status.
    • Stacks of photos showed my parents and their friends at various dances, parties, and social gatherings in the 1950s.
    • P.J. also plays his own show and entertains at weddings, birthday parties, socials, pubs, dances and concerts with much for young and not so young.
    Example sentences
    • They proved that you can make dance music with a hip-hop tip, a rock tip or an ambient tip; you can go wherever you want with it.
    • The spotlight is focused on jazz or Afro-Cuban fusion or Celtic dance music or rai.
    • This northeast coast of Brazil, the home of the Brazilian beat, samba and dance music.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (to music) to dance (in time) to the music
    bailar al compás de la música
    Example sentences
    • We held our drinks with our other hands and danced together rhythmically and sultrily to the music, in full view of the young guys.
    • This special effect was missing here as the troupe danced to the music flowing from the CD.
    • A few years later, her brother came to school one day, heard the music, and started dancing.
    1.2 (skip)
    dar saltos
    he was so happy, he was dancing (up and down)
    Example sentences
    • Maybe he could benefit from being one of the ‘people dancing around in circles, holding hands with daisy chains in their hair’.
    • It will bring two hours of the great musical classics as well as a selection from new shows that have not yet reached the UK will get people dancing in the aisles.
    • The town received Unicef assistance after the Second World War, inspiring Jitka to paint children dancing around a maypole.
  • 2 [literary] (eyes/flames)
    danzar [literary]
    the flowers danced in the breeze
    las flores se mecían con la brisa [literary]
    Example sentences
    • The only light were coming from a couple of torches; the flames dancing and flickering in the night.
    • Every day the sun sets behind blurred clouds of stonefly, caddis, midge or mayfly dancing against the horizon.
    • This is a place for snow, ice hardened drifts, yet on a January day, midges danced over the streams.
    Example sentences
    • Arial interrupted, her eyes dancing with excitement.
    • Glancing over at him, she grinned, her eyes dancing with wicked pleasure.
    • Jessica leaned forward again, eyes dancing with excitement for her cousin.

transitive verb

  • 1
    they danced the night away
    bailaron durante toda la noche
    Example sentences
    • Musical groups danced the samba all the way, beating bongo drums and shaking tambourines.
    • It is not the case that we in Brazil do not dance the samba anymore.
    • As part of the city's celebration Margot Fonteyn danced Swan Lake with the Lake as a backdrop.
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