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Pronunciation: /dɑːrk; dɑːk/

Translation of dark in Spanish:

adjective/adjetivo (-er, -est)

  • 1 (unlit) [room/night] oscuro it's getting dark está oscureciendo, se está haciendo de noche the dark side of the moon el lado oculto de la luna
    Example sentences
    • Oranjestad harbor is well lit if it gets dark before you get there.
    • I've always been like a cave-woman - awake when it's light and asleep as soon as it gets dark.
    • Do what you have to do early, when it gets dark go to bed then wake up early and complete your homework.
  • 2 2.1 (in color) [eyes/hair/clothes] oscuro; [brown/blue] oscuro 2.2 (in complexion) moreno he's/she's very dark es muy moreno/morena
    Example sentences
    • The people are dark skinned, their faces pinched, their bodies hunched as though perpetually cold.
    • If a daughter is too dark skinned she may not be able to find a good husband.
    • A dark-complexioned girl is engaged to be married to a dark man much older than her.
    Example sentences
    • Shades of dark green, blue and red designs and grand borders are popular designs on a saree.
    • They wear light blue shirts, dark pants and these black arm badges with IP written on them and the flag.
    • The clouds took on a fiery orange hue and the few open patches that led to the blue sky were a dark purple.
    Example sentences
    • She had short dark hair and matching dark eyes and wore black pants with a red tank top under her apron.
    • The dark skinned woman pulled up her sleeve and revealed two scars running up her left wrist.
    • She pulled her dark wavy curls out of her face and anchored her thin frame against Zeeks's side.
  • 3 3.1 (evil, sinister) [literary/literario] [deeds/threats] oscuro there's a dark side to his nature/his activities hay algo (de) siniestro en él/sus actividades 3.2 (somber, gloomy) [thoughts/mood] sombrío in the dark days of the war en los días aciagos de la guerra
    Example sentences
    • At the beginning of this campaign I said that this is a dark period for the union, but we would come through it and the union would be stronger.
    • Only a few months ago they prophesied the advent of a new dark age.
    • Clyde Prestowitz told Alison Caldwell that it was a dark day for the World Trade Organisation.
    Example sentences
    • A folky lament on death and love, it never sounds as dark as its lyrics intend because of tremendous harmonies.
    • Your new book Dr Sweet… is a dark comedy - what is your favourite comedy film or tv series?
    • If you've never seen the film and have a taste for esoteric dark comedies, give this one a spin.
    3.3 (mysterious, obscure) [hint/allusion] oscuro in darkest ignorance en la más completa ignorancia the Dark Continent [dated/anticuado] el continente negro in darkest Africa [dated/anticuado] en lo más recóndito de Africa to keep sth dark mantener* algo en secreto
    Example sentences
    • The bright facades of present-day Willemstad conceal the dark secrets of offshore finance.
    • Mothers and pushchairs crowd the OK Laundrette, beside the dark mysteries of the Wizard Tattoo Shop.
    • All three protagonists try to piece the clues together in order to unveil the dark mysteries at work.
    Example sentences
    • The moor evolves from geological hazard into a metaphor for dark thoughts and evil deeds.
    • For some time now, taking hormone replacement therapy has been almost synonymous with embracing the dark forces of evil.
    • A movie which is about dark power and evil, it uses the most powerful of Indian myths to its advantage.
  • 4 [Linguistics/Lingüística] oscuro
    Example sentences
    • English has two allophones for /l/, "light/clearl" and "darkl". I am conducting a study on the distribution of these two allophones.
    • Since L Vocalization is stigmatized, people "moving up" to RP often do not hear the difference between dark L and vocalized L (o), and so substitute light L instead of their vocalized L in words such as pill, milk people.
    • To pronounce the dark 'l' in girl or world, unroll the tongue and press the tip up against the alveolar ridge just behind the teeth.


uncountable/no numerable
  • 1.1 (absence of light) the dark la oscuridad to sit in the dark estar* sentado en la oscuridad or en lo oscuro I'm afraid of the dark me da miedo la oscuridad to keep sb in the dark about sth ocultarle algo a algn to be in the dark about sb's intentions estar* a oscuras sobre las intenciones de algn we're working completely in the dark estamos trabajando a ciegas to whistle in the dark hacer* ver que todo va bien 1.2 (nightfall) to wait until dark esperar hasta que anochezca don't go out alone after dark no salgas solo de noche

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