Translation of dart in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dɑːrt; dɑːt/


  • 1 countable/numerable 1.1 (weapon) dardo (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • Research is also being carried out in England into the possible use of tasers, which fire darts connected to a wire that carries an electrical current powerful enough to incapacitate the target.
    • Taser guns fire two small darts, each trailing fine wires.
    • One drew a small blowgun and fired small, poisoned darts at them.
    1.2 [Games/Juegos] dardo (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • Indeed, had he reversed the shafts and thrown flight first, the dart would still have buried itself to a depth of three inches: the dartboard never stood a chance.
    • Third dart, I concentrated, gazed down that corridor of space separating the tip of my dart from the treble 20.
    • This more often than not meant most of their games resulted in a tortuous struggle to plant a dart in Double One.
  • 2 (movement) (no plural/sin plural)[ movimiento rápido ] he made a dart for the gun se abalanzó sobre el arma with a dart of its tongue, the lizard caught the fly la lagartija atrapó a la mosca de un lengüetazo
    More example sentences
    • Brian Flanagan made a dart for the pavilion end from a ruck, and found the sharp Bernard Behan on his right and the out-half left the cover standing.
    • Again the alert Connor was in the thick of things as he made a dart for the line, only to be blocked a couple of paces short of the target.
    • Nothing much looked on when centre Aaron Moule made a dart for the right-hand corner but somehow he reached out to plant the ball.
  • 3 countable/numerable [Clothing/Indumentaria] pinza (feminine)
    More example sentences
    • Beginning at the dart point, stitch to the dart cut end; backstitch and clip the threads.
    • Once you understand the role of darts in shaping a garment, you will be glad to have them in all your clothing.
    • Avoid surface manipulations such as gathers, pleats, tucks and darts.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • to dart into a room entrar como una flecha en una habitación to dart out of a room salir* como una flecha de una habitación he darted behind a bush corrió a esconderse detrás de un arbusto her eyes darted around the room recorrió la habitación rápidamente con la mirada

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • [look/glance] lanzar* the lizard darted out its tongue la lagartija disparó la lengua

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