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Pronunciation: /dɪˈkler; dɪˈkleə(r)/

Translation of declare in Spanish:

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (state, announce) [intention] declarar; [opinion] manifestar* the company declared a dividend of 3% [Business/Comercio] la compañía fijó un dividendo del 3% the government has declared a state of emergency el gobierno ha declarado el estado de emergencia to declare war declarar la guerra to declare war on o against sb/sth declararle la guerra a algn/algo, declarar la guerra contra algn/algo they declared her (to be) the winner la declararon ganadora the museum was officially declared open el museo fue inaugurado oficialmente he declared himself to her se le declaró, le declaró su amor they declared themselves against the plan se declararon or se pronunciaron en contra del plan
    Example sentences
    • He declared in a solemn voice that she had a bad case of typhoid fever - that it was unlikely, at the rate she was deteriorating, that she would survive.
    • Seeing my press badge, she approached and insisted on speaking to me, declaring she was from France and could give me the French perspective.
    • ‘They went crazy,’ he declares with utter incredulity.
    Example sentences
    • The Boers declared war on Britain on October 9, 1899, and peace was not declared until May 31, 1902.
    • I wonder if the government has yet declared a State of Emergency.
    • When faced with serious disasters, countries often declare a formal state of emergency.
    Example sentences
    • He's had a big following within the gay community because he was early on such a proponent of the idea of coming out of the closet and declaring yourself.
    • But the GDC has to rely on foreign dentists declaring themselves if they have a criminal conviction.
    • Sometimes it was worth declaring myself and enduring the ‘No, I'm not interested’ conversation so I could emerge raw, bleeding and free on the other side.
    Example sentences
    • The outcome of that meeting was that Ms Harkin declared as a candidate the following day, while Dr Cowley appeared to leave the door open for his entry into the race by suggesting a pact between himself and Ms Harkin.
    • If you look at all the nine declared Democratic presidential candidates, you are basically at the bottom right now, 2 percent, even below Al Sharpton.
    • Candidates declared to date are Vic Toews for the Conservative party, the incumbent, Peter Epp for the Liberals and Sarah Zaharia for the New Democrats.
    Example sentences
    • After everyone has declared any combinations they wish to, the player to dealer's left leads to the first trick.
    • A claim can be made after you have won a trick, or immediately after declaring a combination.
    • A claimed trio is a when a player announces a trio right after making a move, instead of a true trio which is declared before dealing any card.
    1.2 (acknowledge for tax reasons) [goods/income] declarar nothing to declare nada que declarar
    Example sentences
    • What is considered healthy in one decade is declared a hazard next - and years later it is welcomed back to the fold of healthy eating.
    • Some workers are declared legally blind but claim they can see well enough to watch television or drive.
    • This, however, does not mean that Chorny can return to Bulgaria, because the Interior Ministry last autumn issued a further order declaring him persona non grata.
    Example sentences
    • The court was told White filled in and signed one claim form seven months after starting work as a police officer and did not declare her income.
    • Under regulations, adopted by Parliament, lawyers, prosecutors and magistrates are to declare incomes and property with the National Audit Office.
    • The Inland Revenue head office tells me that all taxable income that must be declared on your tax return counts towards the limit.
  • 2 (in bridge) [trumps] declarar
    Example sentences
    • If playing six-handed, the bid winner picks up the six cards from the ‘widow ‘and declares the trump suit.’
    • After the dealer has declared Trump Suit five cards are turned from the top of the Quest Pack.
    • If they cannot, then they must play their trump, if they declared one.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 (American English/inglés norteamericano) [Politics/Política] 1.1 (announce candidacy) anunciar su ( or mi etc) candidatura 1.2 (take sides) to declare for/against sb/sth declararse or pronunciarse a favor/en contra de algn/algo
    Example sentences
    • Each day, when one opens a paper and sees an aspirant declaring for a party and saying that he declared for the party because it is the only one that can salvage the country, one knows that it is all lies.
    • It may also give other associations who are holding their fire at the minute out of party loyalty, the push to declare for the DUP.
    • MAYBE A P Cox finds sitting on the fence more comfortable than declaring for or against emission zones.
  • 2 (as interjection/como interjección) [dated/anticuado] well, I (do) declare! ¡válgame Dios! [anticuado]
    Example sentences
    • He, however, cannot contain his passionate love, and finally declares himself to her.
    • She waited in vain for him to declare himself.
    • You should have thought of that before you declared yourself to her, Mr. Neville

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