Translation of deficient in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dɪˈfɪʃənt/


  • [formal] [nutrition/supply/vocabulary] deficiente, insuficiente he felt he was somehow deficient as a husband sentía que de alguna manera fallaba como marido he's mentally deficient [offensive/ofensivo] es (un) deficiente mental [dated or offensive/anticuado u ofensivo] to be deficient in sth carecer* de algo foods deficient in vitamins alimentos (masculine plural) de bajo contenido vitamínico a plan deficient in imagination un plan carente de imaginación
    More example sentences
    • The rapidly growing yearling is further jeopardized when twice daily feedings are already marginal or deficient in protein quality.
    • The summer growing season of kenaf corresponds with low quality forages deficient in protein in the Southeast.
    • I told myself that my attitude, knowledge, and skill cost a patient's life and I was deficient in all those qualities that a doctor should have.
    More example sentences
    • The report accuses prosecutors of conducting deficient investigations or presenting inadequate evidence at the trials.
    • She blames deficient preparation and insufficient commitment on the part of the school, but she also notes impediments in the exams themselves.
    • Similarly, she has not observed or complained about any deficient workmanship in the insulation and drywall and she believes that none exists with respect to her residence.

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