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Pronunciation: /dɪˈgriː/


  • 1 (level, amount) grado (m), nivel (m) it's a matter o question of degree es cuestión de grados, depende de hasta qué punto our students are motivated in o to varying degrees nuestros alumnos tienen distintos grados or niveles de motivación a degree of realism cierto grado de realismo there's a degree of truth in what she says hay cierta verdad en lo que dice to a certain o limited degree hasta cierto punto to a high degree en alto grado to the highest degree en grado sumo to such a degree that … hasta tal punto que …, en or a tal grado que … he's not in the slightest o least degree mean no es tacaño en absoluto in no small degree en gran medida to a degree (extremely) en grado sumo (to some extent) hasta cierto punto
    More example sentences
    • Instead it demands a considerable degree of autonomy and nurtures individualism.
    • More alarmingly, the degree and extent of the complicity involved is shredding the credibility of the Hierarchy.
    • Nevertheless, there seems to be a considerable degree of uncertainty in the present legal proceedings.
  • 2 (grade, step) grado (m) first/third degree burns quemaduras (fpl) de primer/tercer grado first/second degree murder (in (US) ) homicidio (m) en primer/segundo grado degree of kinship grado de parentesco degree of comparison [Ling] grado de comparación by degrees gradualmente, paulatinamente see also third degree
  • 3 [Geog] [Math] [Meteo] [Phys] grado (m) it was 40 degrees in the shade hacía 40 grados a la sombra 12 degrees of frost o below zero 12 grados bajo cero this wine is 12 degrees proof este vino es de or tiene 12 grados
    More example sentences
    • Those men also divided the complete circle into 360 degrees by taking the angle of the triangle as their fundamental unit and dividing this into 60 sub-units.
    • Not being a whiz at geometry, I stared at the pattern for quite a while trying to figure out the formula for measuring the degrees of the angles.
    • The computer showed my ball speed was 150 miles per hour, my launch angle 14 degrees and my spin rate 4,400 revolutions per minute.
    More example sentences
    • This is the proportion by which the rate of a chemical reaction is raised by an increase in temperature of 10 degrees on the Celsius scale.
    • However, we borrow the basic measurement scale from physics and we measure the photographic colour temperature in degrees Kelvin.
    • The memory signal could not be detected at temperatures above 75 degrees Celsius, where the charges within the domains behave differently.
    More example sentences
    • In particular he worked on Galois theory, ideals and equations of the fifth degree.
    • The degree of the final equation resulting from any number of complete equations in the same number of unknowns, is equal to the product of the degrees of the equations.
    • The first person to claim that equations of degree 5 could not be solved algebraically was Ruffini.
  • 4 [Educ] título (m) first degree licenciatura (f) a master's degree una maestría or un master a PhD degree un doctorado an honorary degree un título honoris causa he has o [formal] holds a degree in chemistry es licenciado en química I'm going to take a philosophy degree voy a hacer la carrera de filosofía, voy a licenciarme en filosofía I took my degree last year acabé la carrera or (AmL tb) me recibí el año pasado, obtuve la licenciatura el año pasado (before n) degree ceremony ceremonia (f) de licenciatura degree certificate título (m) de licenciado degree course licenciatura (f)
    More example sentences
    • He later earned his master's and doctorate degrees from Harvard University.
    • There are several routes a student can take in order to earn a degree in architecture.
    • I moved home with my parents after finishing my degree in order to work and save for graduate school.
  • 5 (in society) [arch or liter] rango (m), condición (f) social of high degree de alto rango of low/humble degree de baja/humilde condición
    More example sentences
    • People who confirm certain degree of public status often do public talk.
    • He was a lifelong member of St. Peter's Parish and a member of the Knights of Columbus as a third degree knight and fourth degree honorary knight.
    • Spanish and English courtiers were carefully intermingled in order of their degrees on the steps of the throne.

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