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American English: /dəˈmænd/
British English: /dɪˈmɑːnd/

Translation of demand in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1
    (person) (call for, insist on) exigir
    (ask) preguntar
    I demand a fair trial
    exijo un juicio imparcial
    they're demanding immediate payment of the debt
    exigen el pago inmediato de la deuda
    the unions are demanding better conditions
    los sindicatos reclaman mejores condiciones
    to demand money with menaces (Law)
    exigir dinero con intimidación
    what have I done? he demanded
    —¿qué he hecho yo? —preguntó
    to demand to + infinitive
    exigir + infinitive or que + subjunctive
    she demanded to know the reason
    quiso saber el porqué
    exigió que se le dijera por qué
    to demand something of somebody
    exigirle algo a alguien
    a great deal is demanded of the students on this course
    en este curso se les exige mucho a los alumnos
    Example sentences
    • The scorer walked up to him in a tea break and brusquely demanded to know his name.
    • They were demanding that the erring police officials be arrested and action taken against them.
    • Officials marched in with police back-up, demanding to see the staff's working permits.
    Example sentences
    • The more the government does, the more that is demanded of it.
    • All of the questions were well laid out, students knew what was demanded of them and they typically had plenty of time.
    • It is a long time since so little was expected of the player who, at 32, now finds that a major triumph is routinely demanded of him.
  • 2 (necessitate, require)
    this document demands your immediate attention
    este documento requiere su atención inmediata
    Example sentences
    • The exercise is a delicate one which demands both detailed knowledge of the original texts and insight into the bases of contemporary feminist hostility to them.
    • True, it is often a blunt instrument when the requirements of justice demand sensitive application in complex human situations.
    • Community groups got intensely involved, demanding a wealth of detailed information.


  • 1 countable (claim) to comply with somebody's demands
    satisfacer las exigencias de alguien
    the union's wage demands
    las reivindicaciones salariales del sindicato
    by popular demand
    a pedido del público (Latin America)
    the trial made enormous demands on his health
    el juicio puso a prueba su salud
    her work makes heavy or great demands on her time
    el trabajo le absorbe gran parte del tiempo
    she did not feel equal to the demands of the job
    no se sentía capaz de hacer frente a las exigencias del trabajo
    no se sentía a la altura de lo que el trabajo exigía
    abortion on demand
    libre aborto (masculine)
    contraception on demand
    libre acceso (masculine) a los anticonceptivos
    payable on demand
    pagadero a la vista
    (before noun) (draft/deposit/note)
    a la vista
  • 2 uncountable (requirement) (Business) these shoes are much in demand
    estos zapatos tienen gran demanda or se venden mucho
    he's in great demand as a magician
    es un mago muy solicitado or popular
    (the) demand exceeds (the) supply
    la demanda es superior a or supera la oferta
    there is (a) great demand for teachers
    hay una gran demanda de profesores
    to create a demand for something
    crear demanda de algo
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