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Pronunciation: /dɪˌnɑːməˈneɪʃən; dɪˌnɒmɪˈneɪʃən/


  • 1 [Relig] confesión (f)
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    • The Council is an organisation for Christian churches of all denominations in the city.
    • The main Christian denominations have established fine churches in the town and congregations not only hold services but are involved in community care.
    • The Protestant and Roman Catholic churches are the main Christian denominations.
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    • The first three articles in this issue reflect upon components of social action within religious denominations or local congregations.
    • People are people, across denominations and religions.
    • I argue that, in addition to organizational dynamics, the analogy of family relationships may also be fruitful for understanding gender in modern religious denominations.
  • 2 2.1 (of currency) valor (m), denominación (f) (AmL) bills in $10 and $20 denominations billetes de 10 y 20 dólares 2.2 (of system of measures) unidad (f)
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    • When the Euro was introduced, the denominations of the coins and the banknotes had to create some sort of compromise between the monetary habits of the various European countries.
    • The larger denomination coins and the notes are being spent but the vast majority of opinion regards them as having little spending power.
    • The Central Bank had earlier withdrawn the highest denomination banknote to also stop hoarding.
  • 3 (heading) [formal] encabezamiento (m), acápite (m) (AmL)
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    • One of the first denominations it had was Korinthos, but this name would change depending on different invaders and on who was in control of the town at different given periods.
    • Although at first the area received other denominations, this geographical characteristic finally inspired the actual name.
    • Its frame of coconut trees on either side, a title at the top and denomination at the base, is inverted, making it a highly prized specimen.

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