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American English: /dəˈpɛnd/
British English: /dɪˈpɛnd/

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (rely, be dependent)to depend on somebody/something
    depender de alguien/algo
    this town depends on the tourist trade
    esta ciudad depende or vive del turismo
    they depend on him for their livelihood
    dependen de él para su sustento
    Example sentences
    • This meals-on-wheels and other services depend on financial support from the public.
    • Small enterprises depend on community financial support to move from small to medium size.
    • The media have gone from depending upon subscribers to depending upon advertisers for financial support.
    1.2 (be determined by)to depend on something
    depender de algo
    a good deal depends on what happens tomorrow
    mucho depende de lo que pase mañana
    it all depends (on) what you mean by free will
    todo depende de lo que tú entiendas por libre albedrío
    are you going to the cinema tonight? — it depends
    ¿vas a ir al cine esta noche? — depende
    Example sentences
    • It is very evident that the rigour with which merger control is enforced depends in part on the agenda of the Minister.
    • The investment return depends solely on the difference between what you paid and what someone else pays you when you sell.
    • This figure varies between blood banks, depending again on the testing methodologies and tests used in screening.
  • 2 (count on, be sure of)to depend on or upon somebody/something
    contar con alguien/algo
    you can depend on her support
    puedes contar con su apoyo or con que te apoyará
    some people just can't be depended on
    no se puede contar con or confiar en ciertas personas
    I'll be there, (you can) depend on it
    estaré ahí, cuenta con ello or tenlo por seguro
    you can't depend on him to tell the truth
    no puedes estar seguro de que va a decir la verdad
    Example sentences
    • As the months sped by, Jenny grew to rely and depend on Sammy more than ever before.
    • Instead of depending on medication, I rely on exercise to keep my body healthy.
    • Your child wants you to stay in control while they are out of control, so they can rely and depend on you.
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