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American English: /dəˈsɛnd/
British English: /dɪˈsɛnd/

Translation of descend in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (move downwards) (plane/hill/path)
    descender [formal]
    Example sentences
    • Caroline leapt out of the van as heavy rain began to descend.
    • Huge drops of falling rain descended from the heavy clouds above.
    • Doors slid silently closed behind him and he began to descend.
    Example sentences
    • Angel walked the hallways without trouble until she turned at the right hallway and saw several flights of steps descending before her.
    • Broad flights of steps descended directly into the azure water.
    • She pushed a button, and a large flight of stairs descended from the ship to the ground.
  • 2 2.1 (in importance)
    descender [formal]
    Example sentences
    • You can also choose to display from 10 to 100 items per page, in descending or ascending order.
    • You can then decide on posting order: whether alphabetically or by date, ascending or descending.
    • This will either sort the list ascending or descending.
    also: descending present participle
    descending scale (Music)
    escala (feminine) diacrónica descendente
    in descending order
    en orden decreciente or descendente
    in descending order of importance
    en orden decreciente or descendente de importancia
  • 3 (set in)
    descender [formal]
    abatirse [literary]
    Example sentences
    • My depression descends on me really suddenly, and… when I am there I can't… move… within it.
    • A thick tension descended on them suddenly as their eyes locked.
    • I'm not sure if it was because of the laughing or because of the sudden depression that descended upon me.
    Example sentences
    • It was now a matter of time before the moonless darkness of night descended.
    • During autumn and winter, darkness descends at about 4pm and the area dies once children have left the two local schools.
    • Darkness was beginning to descend and it was time for the happy couple to make the long journey home again where Mick's plan was to have a few pints in his local before closing time.
  • 4 (stoop)to descend to something/-ing
    rebajarse a algo/+ infinitive
    I wouldn't descend to lying
    no me rebajaría a mentir
    don't descend to his level
    no te pongas a su nivel
    Example sentences
    • Politics now dominates - and the level of civility descends to new lows.
    • Sometimes the physical instincts are elevated to a spiritual level and often the spiritual being descends to a baser life.
    • Anyone who descends to such cheap jibes with nothing more substantial to say is just making himself ridiculous.
  • 5 5.1 (be descended)to descend from somebody
    descender de alguien
    ser descendiente de alguien
    Example sentences
    • The findings show that more than 95 percent of dogs in this group were descended from three original female ancestors.
    • This character is common to all animals as the result of their being descended from a common multicellular ancestor that also possessed this character.
    • White hart deer graze the lawns, said to be descended from two white harts given by Elizabeth 1 to her god-child.
    5.2 (be inherited)
    this ring has descended through generations
    este anillo ha ido pasando de generación en generación
    concepts which descend to us from the Greeks
    conceptos que nos vienen or que hemos heredado de los griegos
    Example sentences
    • Heathcliff dies intestate, the property descends - as it should - to the young lovers, and the two great houses revert to their dynastic owners.
    • In accordance with Colonel Brooke's will, her property descended to her daughter, whose husband thus became possessed of a respectable income
    • He remarried, and after his own death in 1556, his property descended to his son William.

transitive verb

Phrasal verbs

descend on

descend upon verb + preposition + object
1 (attack)
lanzarse sobre
caer sobre
a plague descended on the town
una plaga se abatió sobre la ciudad [literary]
2 (invade) the whole family will be descending on us at Christmas [humorous]
nos va a invadir or nos va a caer toda la familia para Navidad [colloquial]
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