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American English: /dəˈteɪl/
, /ˈditeɪl/
British English: /ˈdiːteɪl/

Translation of detail in Spanish:


  • 1 countable 1.1 (particular) identical in every detail
    idéntico hasta en el más mínimo detalle
    he asked for further details
    pidió más información or información más detallada
    Example sentences
    • Detectives established addresses and other details and passed the information to British authorities.
    • Several have been swiped recently by crooks hoping to glean banking details and personal information.
    • Some of the papers contained highly sensitive details of informers and information supplied to Special Branch.
    1.2 (embellishment)
    Example sentences
    • But Gluck says his favorite feature is the decorative detail along the top rim of the building.
    • Georgian homes are similar to Colonials, but feature richer details and ornamentation.
    • The work featured medium shapes, smaller shapes and finally, decorative details.
    Example sentences
    • Melville House was Fife's first mansion styled symmetrically with classical detail.
    • Its monumental scale, classical detail and rational, ordered planning were hallmarks of the style.
    • On the other hand, the depth and detail of the featurettes would complement a minor masterpiece.
    1.3 (insignificant matter)
    Example sentences
    • Not only are the small details now significantly more vivid, but the overall levels have been adjusted as well.
    • Evidently about what it is to that reporter's editor - a detail too minor to warrant correction.
    • In a piece written for the New York Review of Books, James Fenton pulls Bizot up for a couple of factual mistakes, but these seem to me to be minor details.
    1.4 (Art)
    Example sentences
    • Community art initiatives in South Africa tend to always follow the cliché of painting murals or producing mosaic details.
    • Update I'm adding larger images of details of the pictures.
    • The catalog entries on icons are richly illustrated, including details of the larger panels.
  • 2 uncountable (minutiae)
    detalles (masculine plural)
    he has an eye for detail
    es muy detallista or minucioso or meticuloso
    there's no need to go into detail
    no es necesario entrar en detalles or pormenores
    he went into great detail
    lo contó con todos los detalles or pormenores
    lo contó con lujo de detalles or [colloquial] con pelos y señales
    to describe/explain something in detail
    describir/explicar algo detalladamente or minuciosamente
  • 3 (Military) 3.1 countable (group)
    Example sentences
    • In that same year, he joined the Army MI Branch with a detail to the Infantry.
    • He was hurriedly escorted from the area by his security detail and Israeli police.
    • Troops should eat, play, train and even pull support details as squads, platoons and companies.
    3.2 uncountable (duty)to be on cleanup/latrine detail
    estar en la cuadrilla de aseo/letrinas
    Example sentences
    • They are the rights and duties of daily duty detail, inspection commissions, etc.
    • I'm not going to stick you on dish detail or cleaning toilets.
    • Some troops are on cleanup detail in parts of New Orleans the flood never touched.

transitive verb

  • 1 (describe)
    exponer en detalle
    Example sentences
    • The files hold thousands of papers which detail information such as full names, National Insurance numbers, salaries, family contact details and job descriptions.
    • The needs of the school are vast and due to space restraints this reporter could not detail the full list of over-crowding issues.
    • This report is intended to detail the preliminary fieldwork information found during the excavation of Agaparthea.
  • 2 (Military) to detail somebody to + infinitive
    destacar a alguien a or para + infinitive
    to detail somebody for/to somethingthey were detailed for guard duty
    fueron destacados para hacer la guardia
    he was detailed to another unit
    lo destacaron or destinaron a otra unidad
    Example sentences
    • The regimental commander could detail additional soldiers if necessary.
    • That part of his evidence can never go because otherwise there is no explanation for why he detailed this person.
    • Another method of capturing data that has been used successfully in the past is to detail a Soldier to go around with a tabbed folder to unit members.
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