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American English: /ˈdaɪ(ə)mənd/
British English: /ˈdʌɪ(ə)mənd/

Translation of diamond in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable and uncountable (Mining) diamond cut diamond (British)
    duelo (masculine) de titanes
    (before noun) diamond ring
    anillo (masculine) de brillantes or diamantes
    sortija (feminine) de brillantes or diamantes
    Example sentences
    • Boucheron won the day, and will be auctioning an exquisite brooch of diamonds, rock crystal, topaz and emeralds, with the cash donated to the new foundation.
    • Gemstones such as diamonds, opals, sapphires, and rubies are produced in Brazil.
    • The country is also blessed with plenty of precious minerals such as diamonds, gold, emeralds, amethyst which are all waiting to be exploited.
    1.2 countable (precious person) he's a diamond in the rough or (British) a rough diamond
    no es muy pulido, pero tiene buenas cualidades
  • 2 (shape)
    Example sentences
    • Score the inner side in a diamond pattern with the tip of a small, sharp knife and then cut into 5cm / 2inch squares.
    • When trying to widen a space, square tiles should be laid in a diamond pattern and rectangular tiles should be laid in a brick or herringbone pattern.
    • She looked overhead and noticed on top of the clock tower, a giant crystal, not as round or red as the one the ship, but a triangular blue diamond shape.
  • 3 (Games) 3.1 (card)
    Example sentences
    • Regardless of the suit a joker played ‘high’ will defeat any diamond.
    • The six cards in each fail suit are ranked like the six lowest diamonds.
    also: diamonds
    (suit) (+ singular or plural verb)
    diamantes (masculine plural)
    diamonds is or are trumps
    triunfan diamantes
    Example sentences
    • This is a valid tractor because four in a suit other than diamonds is the next rank above ace.
    • Because of the difference in score, clubs and diamonds are called the minor suits and hearts and spades are the major suits.
    • The familiar suits of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades were introduced by French cardmakers in the late fifteenth century.
  • 4 (in baseball) 4.1 (area inside bases)
    Example sentences
    • I agree with the idea of having each one of the four buttons on the gamepad correspond to their respective bases on the baseball diamond.
    • The Mets would love to add Furcal, even though they would have to convince him to move to the right on the infield diamond and play second base.
    • The playing area is delineated by two perpendicular lines that converge at the home plate, the focus point of the diamond made up of four bases - home, first, second and third.
    4.2 (entire field)
    Example sentences
    • Baseball diamonds were bustling with activity all weekend as there were 44 registered teams competing.
    • Enter ABC skate shop and the baseball diamond at Tompkin's Square.
    • There's an area in front of the baseball diamonds and soccer fields for Frisbee golf.
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