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die 1

also: dies, dying, died
American English: /daɪ/
British English: /dʌɪ/

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (stop living)
    (violently) matarse
    he died of cancer
    (se) murió de cáncer
    he died in the war
    murió en la guerra
    he died in an accident
    murió or se mató en un accidente
    he died a happy man
    murió feliz
    Example sentences
    • In fact, I can't recall any account of an oak tree actually dying from old age; it may be that they go on and on, changing form and surviving until some accident destroys them.
    • The fish farmers had to stop their activities, as their fish and shrimp died from the pollution.
    • How many people have seen a fox dying from lead shot poisoning?
    1.2 (be overcome) [colloquial]
    to die of boredom/embarrassment
    morirse de aburrimiento/vergüenza
    to die laughing
    morirse de risa
    I nearly died!
    casi me muero
    Example sentences
    • I had a look at the Gleaner's cartoon just now and I nearly died laughing!
    • I nearly died, as I thought it would be included in web diary but not so prominently.
    • I remember drinking with a friend who was wearing a Golden Bear polo shirt; well, I mean, I nearly died.
    1.3 (want very much) [colloquial]to be dying for something
    morirse por algo
    I was dying for a drink
    me moría de sed
    to be dying to + infinitive
    morirse por + infinitive
    morirse de ganas de + infinitive
    she's dying to meet you
    se muere por conocerte
    se muere de ganas de conocerte
    Example sentences
    • It is typical of Plazas's professionalism and realism that she is reluctant to advertise a wish list of roles she is dying to tackle.
    • I knew you were dying to ask me that important question.
    • Actually, I ran out to conduct a chair lift demonstration for our salesman M.K. and his buddies who were dying to see how the whole set-up worked.
  • 2 2.1 (cease to exist)
    their memory will never die
    nunca los olvidaremos
    his secret died with him
    se llevó el secreto a la tumba
    the smile died on his lips
    se le borró la sonrisa de los labios
    old habits die hard
    las viejas costumbres no se pierden fácilmente
    Example sentences
    • After the song died down, there was a loud applause and a lot of cheers from the crowd.
    • Friday was a bit of a false start as the contractions, if that is indeed what they were died away on Saturday.
    • It seems to have died down now that the song's popularity has waned.
    2.2 (be extinguished)
    Example sentences
    • The fires are dying; other figures are spotted, hard to distinguish amongst the wisps of vapour that drift across the scene.
    • When the last of the natural light had died I heard Mathias' voice boom out through the night sky like the last guest trying to hail a cab home.
    • I am left alone, to wake and guard, until the seven fires die, and the fire in the pit also goes out.
    2.3 (stop functioning)
    dejar de funcionar
    Example sentences
    • If your engine dies in your car, you slow down and stop.
    • The engine died as he pulled into the spot and the transmission made a horrible, grinding noise as he shifted into park.
    • I took a deep breath and pulled over to park, but before I did the engine just died.
  • 3 [colloquial] (in baseball)
    quedarse embasado
    ser dejado en base

transitive verb

  • to die a natural death to die a violent death
    tener or sufrir una muerte violenta
    to die a death (British) [colloquial]
    quedar en la nada
    to die a thousand deaths [colloquial]
    pasarlas negras or moradas [colloquial]
    pasar las de Caín [colloquial]

Phrasal verbs

die away

verb + adverb
her voice died away
su voz se fue apagando
su voz se fue extinguiendo [literary]

die back

verb + adverb

die down

verb + adverb
irse apagando
irse extinguiendo [literary]

die off

verb + adverb
ir muriendo

die out

verb + adverb
caer en desuso
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There are 2 entries that translate die into Spanish:

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die 2

noun plural dicePronunciation: /daɪs/

  • 1 (Games) the die is cast to shoot or (British) play (at) dice to load the dice
    cargar los dados
    as straight as a die
    derecho hasta decir basta
    no dice (US) can you lend me 500 bucks? — no dice!
    ¿me prestas 500 dólares? — ¡ni hablar! or ¡ni lo sueñes!
    I tried to fix it, but (it was) no dice
    traté de arreglarlo, pero no hubo manera
    traté de arreglarlo, pero ni modo
    traté de arreglarlo, pero no hubo caso (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • Basically players each choose a team of 5 dice, and take turns throwing a die onto the table.
    • Each set replaces a single die in a normal (with the predator dice) game of Bongo.
    • To include only a single die in a game that required rolling two or three at the same time would be astounding.
  • 2
    plural diesPronunciation: /daɪz/
    (Technology) 2.1 (block) 2.2 (mold)
    Example sentences
    • In another metalworking arena, Fantesk may one day be used to lubricate dies, which shape sheet metal into objects such as automobile roofs.
    • In the sealing module, seal grids can be snapped in and out of the sealing-grid die to change the shape of the package seal.
    • It's fairly easy to grind metal out of a die, but putting it back in presents a real problem.
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