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Pronunciation: /ˌdɪfəˈrentʃieɪt; ˌdɪfəˈrenʃieɪt/


  • 1 (recognize distinction) distinguir* I don't differentiate between them yo no distingo entre ellos
  • 2 [Biology/Biología] [cells/tissue] experimentar un proceso de diferenciación, diferenciarse
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    • Proecdysial growth of the limb bud consists of rapid growth of the muscle cells that were differentiated during the basal growth period.
    • By developing suitable tests with embryonic stem cells as they differentiate to germ cells we can investigate the action of these chemicals in the laboratory.
    • Recent reports suggest that adult stem cells can differentiate into developmentally unrelated cell types.


  • 1 (distinguish) [formal] diferenciar, distinguir* to differentiate sth from sth diferenciar or distinguir* algo de algo
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    • This is the first challenge in the process of managing spam: how to get a computer to analyze these strings to recognize and differentiate the welcome from the unwelcome emails.
    • It is not yet possible for patients to recognise faces, but they can at least differentiate large objects that are moving in their environment.
    • We will also attempt to determine the line that differentiates the normal from the abnormal, and how to deal with each of these cases as a result of this demarcation.
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    • We experienced some difficulty identifying whale species during the count, especially differentiating between bowhead and gray whales.
    • However, neither system accurately identifies vehicles needed for wartime missions or differentiates between wartime- and peacetime-use vehicles.
    • While most of us can easily identify a cactus, it may be harder to differentiate between an agave and an aloe.
  • 2 [Mathematics/Matemáticas] [function/expression] diferenciar
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    • In his reply Leibniz gave some details of the principles of his differential calculus including the rule for differentiating a function of a function.
    • We will also think about how functions are built from component parts, and how we differentiate a function by considering these parts individually and how they are combined.
    • When trying to differentiate a complicated function, the method is to decompose it into simpler components, and work with these separately.

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