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Pronunciation: /dɪp/

Translation of dip in Spanish:

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (-pp-)

  • 1to dip sth in(to) sth meter algo en algo (into liquid) mojar algo en algo he dipped his hand into the bag metió la mano en la bolsa he dipped his bread in the milk mojó el pan en la leche dip it in flour páselo por harina, enharínelo
    Example sentences
    • Have each child dip his hand in brown paint on press onto one side of the paper.
    • The woman constantly dipped her fingers into water to moisten the flax and keep it from breaking.
    • Thetis gives birth to a son, Achilles, whom she attempts to make immortal by dipping him in the magical waters of the River Styx.
  • 2 [Agric] [sheep] desinfectar ([ haciendo pasar por un baño ])
    Example sentences
    • In particular, we are concerned that some farmers have been using unauthorised chemicals to dip sheep or letting freshly dipped sheep access streams.
    • In fact every sheep, whatever its age, would be dipped in a plunge bath containing the correct solution of a ministry approved scab dip.
    • Twenty-one sheep were dipped to free them from attached ticks, and liberated on the central area.
  • 3 3.1 (lower) [head] agachar, bajar the ship dipped its flag in salute el barco saludó con la bandera 3.2 (British English/inglés británico) [Cars/Automovilismo] to dip one's headlights poner* las (luces) cortas or de cruce or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) las (luces) bajas, bajar las luces

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (-pp-)

  • 1 1.1 (decrease) [sales/prices] bajar 1.2 (move downward) [aircraft/bird] bajar en picada or (Spain/España) en picado, picarse* (Mexico/México) the sun dipped below the horizon [literary/literario] el sol desapareció or se escondió tras el horizonte
    Example sentences
    • It was as if the plane was dipping its wings in greeting to the 1.25 million people assembled below.
    • The sailors let out a lusty cheer and one of the planes dipped his wings in reply.
    • He dipped his muzzle downwards, slowly, closing his eyes for a brief moment in remnants of a formality that was not welcome.
    1.3 (slope) [land] descender*, bajar
    Example sentences
    • By the third day on the road, they had fallen into a pleasing routine, switching drivers every couple hours and setting up camp when the sun started dipping below the western horizon.
    • And at long last, the sun finally dipped below the horizon.
    • The sun had dipped below the horizon much earlier, but it was a warm night for the end of September so the carnival stayed busy until its closing at nine o'clock.
    Example sentences
    • Yet, there are enough Labour rebels that if the margin of victory dips below the triple digits and gets anywhere close to 50, the pressure on Blair to give way to Brown will be great.
    • Margins will dip slightly ‘below the midpoint of the 50 per cent range’ thanks to increased Flash inventory.
    • The amount may dip to a tiny fraction of a percent if the idea represents a slight improvement in an established product, such as a better knob in a car.
  • 2 (choose) [colloquial/familiar] [child lang] echar suertes ([ al ritmo de una canción infantil ])
    Example sentences
    • In A Ward, former mayor Alan Brown, mayor in the late '90s before dipping out at the ‘99 election, is back in the saddle.
    • Commentators sympathised with Capriati, saying she had an unfortunate habit of getting close in the big ones, then dipping out.
    • The loser is likely to dip out of the eight with one round left to play.
    Example sentences
    • Crime reduction leaflets had also been distributed, warning people about leaving doors unlocked, purse dipping and car key burglaries.
    • The second pair again one was the getter-in-the-way standing right by the doors so that other passengers had to stand that much closer to his mate who did the pocket dipping.
    • The difficulty of dipping a pocket mainly depends on how tight it is, and front pockets are often looser than hip pockets.


  • 2 [Agric] baño (masculine) desinfectante
  • 5 u and c [Cookery/Cocina][ salsa para acompañar los diferentes bocaditos que se sirven con el aperitivo, en una fiesta etc ]

Phrasal verbs

dip into

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
1.1 [reserves/savings] echar mano de 1.2 [book/report] hojear, leer* por encima; [subject] estudiar superficialmente

Definition of dip in:

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