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American English: /dəˈrɛkt/
, /daɪˈrɛkt/
British English: /dɪˈrɛkt/
, /dʌɪˈrɛkt/

Translation of direct in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1
    there is no direct link between the two incidents
    los dos incidentes no están directamente relacionados
    do not expose to direct heat
    no exponer directamente al calor
    it has no direct bearing on the result
    no afecta directamente al resultado
    direct taxation
    impuestos (masculine plural) directos
    tributación (feminine) directa
    direct elections to the European Parliament
    Example sentences
    • Unfortunately, sharing a liability with some other African tourist destinations, there is no direct flight to Khartoum.
    • You can fly directly to Palma from both Glasgow and Edinburgh with Globespan until the end of this month, and direct flights are available throughout the year.
    • The minister for transport is using this occasion to invite Arab and other foreign airlines to resume direct flight to Iraq.
    Example sentences
    • Such a structural change in the initiation complex can result from direct contacts between the transcription factor and RNA polymerase.
    • An inquest in Southampton heard that the former ship's fitter died of a lung disease caused as a direct result of contact with asbestos.
    • A lot of the things that you'll see in Chill Factor were a direct result of my efforts.
    1.2 (in genealogy)
    he's a direct descendant of the duke
    desciende directamente del duque
    desciende del duque por línea directa
    Example sentences
    • The research has shown a clear genetic relationship amongst Cohanim and their direct lineage from a common ancestor.
    • Although she gets reborn in a Caribbean setting, there is no direct lineage convincingly established for her.
    • Why should the genetic relatedness effect be stronger for direct lineages than it is for peripheral lineages?
    1.3 (exact)
    he's the direct opposite of his brother
    es diametralmente opuesto a su hermano
    to score a direct hit
    Example sentences
    • The AP story limited direct quotation from the Clinton book to only 180 words.
    • Fromkin uses footnotes to identify direct quotations rather than to support historical argument.
    • This ends our direct quotation from Fisher's thesis, and his description of his machine.
    1.4 (Linguistics) (before noun)
    en estilo directo
    direct discourse or (British) speech
  • 2 (frank, straightforward)
    he wouldn't give me a direct answer
    no quiso darme una respuesta clara or concreta
    Example sentences
    • He's somewhat direct and straightforward in his approach to business.
    • He is an immensely likeable, straightforward and direct person.
    • She always liked the way Miss Louise was always direct and straight.


  • 1
    (go/travel) (British)
    to dial direct (Telecommunications)
    marcar directamente el número
    discar directamente el número (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • If you can't face all that fiddle, follow my example and buy direct from small Dorset company, Thursday Cottage.
    • Of course when you live in NZ there are some caveats with buying consumer electronics direct from Japan.
    • However tension between the two over the deal led to the company being sold to Enel direct.
  • 2 (straight) he came direct from the station/his meeting
    vino directamente desde la estación/de la reunión
    direct from Paris (Radio, Television)
    en directo desde París
  • 3 (straightforwardly) (esp US) [colloquial]
    sin rodeos
    give it to me direct
    dímelo directamente or sin rodeos

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (give directions to)
    indicarle el camino a
    can you direct me to the station?
    ¿me podría indicar el camino a la estación?
    ¿me podría decir cómo se va a la estación?
    Example sentences
    • Laurie pinpoints a location and directs Shawn to a scenic overlook.
    • A kindly security guard directs us on our way out.
    • I usually go down Haylands Way and Polhill Avenue, but it directs me via Kimbolton Road…
    1.2 (address)
    Example sentences
    • Since I am the treasurer and the niece sends the dues checks to this address, she directed a certified letter here for the Empress.
    • Secondly, this letter was also not directed to the bar girls.
    • A letter directed to Senator Tom Daschle is thought to be the source of the anthrax, but authorities have not ruled out the possibility that other tainted letters are involved.
    Example sentences
    • I would like to direct my comments to two Supplementary Order Papers on the Table that relate to Part 1.
    • Remember to write as if you are facing the person you are directing your comments to.
    • Cllr Brian Stanley joined the debate, directing his comments to Cllr Lodge.
  • 2 (aim) 2.1
    it was directed at us
    iba dirigido a nosotros
    Example sentences
    • The government is committed to combating social exclusion, and its initial efforts have been directed towards establishing the Universal Bank and forcing normal banks to offer basic bank accounts.
    • And that's what everyone's efforts have been directed towards.
    • Your efforts are best directed towards the radio station, Clear Channel, and the advertisers.
    Example sentences
    • With a fan at the base of the cabinet, warm air is directed at the dogs inside, gently drying them for 30 minutes after their wash.
    • A box fan held open the window, whirring loudly as it directed the warm air from outside inward.
    • You need to direct the warm air from the vents against the windows to compensate for this.
  • 3
    Example sentences
    • The organizational literature depicts managers as controlling and directing operations.
    • Military planners rely on them to provide command-and-control centres from which operations can be directed.
    • Indeed it's trying to throw reporters off by saying the operation was planned and directed by Iraqi police.
    Example sentences
    • Along with his nephew, Kit, Kiran has written, produced and directed a short thriller film which has been shot in Hounslow and Richmond.
    • In addition to starring, the Academy Award-winning actor is also directing and producing the film - and doing his own singing.
    • Usually, this shift is accompanied by a great deal of giddy chatter about finally having control of a vision, particularly when an actor is directing his first film.
    Example sentences
    • The excellent Armonico Consort musicians and singers, directed by Christopher Monks, create a background to which the action unfolds.
    • The beautiful choir from St Aiden's N.S. was trained and directed by Vivienne Lee and the organist was her father George Lee.
    • Leading the ensemble will be Hugh Smith, senior lecturer in music, who has wide performing and music interest and also directs the St Martin's College Choir and Community Concert Band.
  • 4 (order) [formal] to direct somebody to + infinitive
    ordenarle a alguien que + subjunctive
    take as directed (Pharmacology)
    tómese según prescripción facultativa
    tómese según indicación médica (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • The men are seeking a court order directing the government to uphold their constitutional rights.
    • There were two orders directing them to supply expert reports in support of their claims.
    • Five years later, in 1993, the High Court favoured the petition and directed the Government to implement the rule of law.

intransitive verb

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