Translation of directory in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dəˈrektəri; daɪ-; daɪˈrektəri; dɪ-/

n (pl -ries)

  • 1.1
    (telephone directory)
    guía (f) telefónica or de teléfonos, directorio (m) telefónico (Col, Méx) , listín (m) (de teléfonos) (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] (before n) directory assistance o (BrE) enquiries servicio (m) de información telefónica, información (f) (de teléfonos)
    1.2 (index, yearbook) directorio (m), guía (f) a street o (AmE) city directory una guía de calles, un callejero
    More example sentences
    • I go down to the MHS library and begin looking at the 1912 city directories, alphabetical listings of people, their addresses, and occupations.
    • The directory, besides listing details about its members, has several other user-friendly features.
    • Even media businesses or services without a web presence can benefit from having their details listed in the directory.

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