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American English: /ˈdərdi/
British English: /ˈdəːti/

Translation of dirty in Spanish:

adjective dirtier, dirtiest

  • 1 1.1 (soiled)
    (stained) manchado
    my hands are dirty a dirty mark
    una mancha
    to get dirty
    the floor is dirty
    el suelo está sucio
    the kitchen was disgustingly dirty
    la cocina estaba sucísima or hecha un asco
    he has very dirty habits
    es muy sucio
    es muy guarro (Spain) [colloquial]
    don't touch that, it's dirty
    no toques eso, que está sucio
    no toques eso ¡caca! [colloquial]
    to get one's hands dirty
    ensuciarse or mancharse las manos
    1.2 (inclement) [colloquial] (weather/night)
    asqueroso [colloquial]
    de perros [colloquial]
  • 2 2.1 (obscene)
    to have a dirty mind
    tener una mente de cloaca
    you've got a really dirty laugh!
    te ríes como un viejo verde
    2.2 (shameful)
    to do somebody's dirty work
    hacerle el trabajo sucio a alguien
    2.3 (despicable) [colloquial]he's a dirty bastard [vulgar]
    es un hijo de puta [vulgar]
    he played a dirty trick on me
    me jugó una mala pasada
    me hizo una jugarreta
    me hizo una guarrada (Spain) [colloquial]
    to do the dirty on somebody (British)
    jugarle una mala pasada a alguien
    it's a dirty shame (US)
    ¡qué mala pata! [colloquial]
    2.4 (unfair)
    he's a dirty player
    juega sucio
  • 3 (angry, accusing) a dirty look
    una mirada asesina

transitive verb dirties, dirtying, dirtied

  • 1 (soil) to dirty one's hands/clothes
    ensuciarse las manos/la ropa
    Example sentences
    • She accuses them of spoiling the sofa and dirtying the linen.
    • Pillars turning into arches kept the roof from falling on those who passed through the halls and the floor that once upon a time was solid now a muddy slush dirties everything it touches.
    • When baby dirties herself, clean her up right away.
  • 2 (besmirch)

intransitive verb dirties, dirtying, dirtied

  • ensuciarse


  • 1 1.1 (unfairly)
    1.2 (indecently) to talk dirty
    decir cochinadas [colloquial]
    decir guarradas (Spain) [colloquial]
  • 2 (British) [slang] (as intensifier) dirty great
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