Translation of disfavor in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dɪsˈfeɪvər; dɪsˈfeɪvə(r)/
, (British English/inglés británico) disfavour


uncountable/no numerable
  • 1.1 (disapproval) [formal] desaprobación (feminine) to view o look on sth with disfavor desaprobar* algo [formal], no ver* algo con buenos ojos to fall into disfavor [person] caer* en desgracia [custom] caer* en desuso to find disfavor with sb encontrar* la oposición de algn
    More example sentences
    • There is nothing new in this: the Monarchy has almost always been regarded with disfavour, so has the ‘Establishment’, especially when times were bad.
    • A decision-maker may have unfairly regarded with disfavour one party's case either consciously or unconsciously.
    • Spam has retained some popularity in various parts of the world, although regarded with disfavour by those who eschew processed foods or have pretensions to gourmet status.
    1.2 (disadvantage) [formal] to be to sb's disfavor perjudicar* a algn
    More example sentences
    • Because they are difficult to grow, farro and spelt fell into disfavor as farmers turned to raising the more profitable and high-yielding commercial wheat variety.
    • Human intelligence fell into disfavor during the 90's, even into the 80's.
    • It fell into disfavor when synthetic thyroid became more popular.

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