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Pronunciation: /ˌdɪspəˈzɪʃən/


  • 1 1.1 countable/numerable (personality) manera (feminine) or modo (masculine) de ser, temperamento (masculine) he is of cheerful disposition es de temperamento or de natural alegre
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    • Rather it was the people and their dispositions.
    • There must be hundreds, thousands of words, which quite aptly describe persons of certain dispositions.
    • Caged, with no food or water, his placid disposition changed to that of a raging fiend.
    1.2 (inclination) (no plural/sin plural) [formal] disposition to sth predisposición (feminine)a algo I felt no disposition to punish him no me sentí inclinado a castigarlo
    More example sentences
    • Subsequent lapses in devotion or attitude do not alter God's disposition to save the individual.
    • True, the terms of entry were not clearly canvassed, but we may assume a clear disposition to favour New Zealand entry.
    • Religious reawakening was needed to strengthen people's innate disposition to distinguish right from wrong.
    More example sentences
    • In all conditions except that of free fall, a live body can be distinguished from an inert structure by the relative disposition of the body parts, its ‘posture’.
    • Arrangement, disposition of parts, subserviency of means to an end, relation of instruments to a use, imply the presence of intelligence and mind.
    • The spatial disposition of the pores relative to the electroporating pulse was, however, not resolved.
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    • Considerable advance was made in force disposition, battle order and AT defense organization.
    • By observing the spirit of the enemy's men and getting the best position, you can work out the enemy's disposition and move your men accordingly.
    • Stalin's military and political dispositions once the war started have incurred odium.
  • 2 u and c (arrangement) disposición (feminine) to make one's dispositions [Military/Militar] dar* sus disposiciones or órdenes
  • 3 uncountable/no numerable [Law/Derecho] enajenación (feminine) to make disposition of one's property (in a will) hacer* disposición or disponer* de sus ( or mis etc) bienes
    More example sentences
    • It, therefore, for the purposes of the Tax Act, which is now applying differently to the real facts, treats that disposition of property as a distribution of profits.
    • The freedom of testamentary disposition, of course, is a matter of statute under the Wills Act, originally under the statute of wills.
    • Family relations are strengthened, however, by the law of inheritance, which does not recognize a principle of free testamentary disposition.

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