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Pronunciation: /dɪˈstrɪbjət; -bjuːt; dɪˈstrɪbjuːt/


  • 1.1 (hand out) [leaflets/food] distribuir*, repartir 1.2 (share out) [profits/dividends] repartir; [tasks/responsibilities] distribuir* they distributed the spoils amongst themselves se repartieron el botín
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    • The three villages, though separately ruled, worked together as a unit, sharing and distributing the resources they had at their disposal.
    • Usaid pays an aid organization to hire independent staffers, who then travel to the recipient country and distribute aid as they see fit.
    • Sharing these views is what made the Internet in the first place; a medium to quickly share and distribute information.
    1.3 (supply) [Busn] [goods/films] distribuir* 1.4 (spread out) distribuir* the weight must be evenly distributed el peso debe estar bien distribuido
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    • A simple way to reduce overloading is to ensure adequate number of electric points so that load is distributed evenly through different circuits.
    • The system bears the maximum and evenly distributed load.
    • ‘The work load gets evenly distributed through all semesters,’ she says.
    1.5 (locate) (usu pass) (+ adv compl) distribuir* how are the figures distributed? ¿cómo se distribuyen or están distribuidas las cifras? the incidence of drug addiction is not distributed evenly throughout the country la drogadicción no tiene una distribución pareja en el país
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    • A further 30 species were primarily confined to freshwater riparian areas distributed throughout the park.
    • The fat was distributed delicately yet densely throughout the meat, looking almost like snow.
    • A climbing fern Lygodium japonicum is classified into the Filicales and is distributed throughout the warm temperate areas in Japan.


  • [Busn] they distribute for us in Japan son distribuidores nuestros en el Japón
    More example sentences
    • The goods were then distributed to major phone retailers, the ministry said.
    • The idea was to rationalize and redefine retailing by distributing goods in a cultivated manner: efficiently, honestly, and cleanly.
    • The Li & Fung group has focused strongly on China where its privately held IDS Group can now sell and distribute goods in bulk to mainland retailers.

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