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dog 1

American English: /dɔɡ/
British English: /dɒɡ/


  • 1 1.1 (Zoology)
    perro, (-rra) (masculine, feminine)
    (male canine) macho (masculine)
    I wouldn't do it to/wish it on a dog
    no se lo haría/desearía a mi peor enemigo
    it shouldn't happen to a dog
    no le debería pasar a nadie
    a dog's breakfast (British English)
    un desastre
    un desaguisado
    his desk always looks like a dog's breakfast
    su mesa siempre está patas arriba [colloquial]
    a dog's life
    una vida de perros
    dressed o done up like a dog's dinner (British English)
    todo emperifollado [colloquial]
    it's (a case of) dog eat dog
    hay una competencia brutal
    like a dog with two tails (British English)
    como (un) niño con zapatos nuevos
    not to have o stand a dog's chance
    no tener ni la más remota posibilidad
    to go to the dogs the country's going to the dogs
    el país se viene abajo
    to put on the dog (American English) [colloquial]
    darse tono
    mandarse la(s) parte(s) (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
    to treat somebody like a dog
    tratar a alguien como a un perro
    every dog has its day
    a todos les llega su momento de gloria
    give a dog a bad name (and hang it) (British English)
    cría fama y échate a dormir or por un perro que maté, mataperros me llamaron
    let sleeping dogs lie
    mejor no revolver el asunto
    mejor es no meneallo [colloquial]
    you can't teach an old dog new tricks
    loro viejo no aprende a hablar
    dog license
    licencia (feminine) para perro
    Example sentences
    • ‘All dogs have an intense sense of smell, and every dog likes to sniff,’ Smith said.
    • Her size makes it impractical to use her as a patrol dog, but her sense of smell is so keen she can detect even trace amounts of drugs.
    • Domesticated dogs arose from wolves that somehow became accustomed to living among people.
    Example sentences
    • We watched the wild cats and dogs frolicking in the winter sunlight.
    • Teufel-hunden were originally known as the wild, ferocious mountain dogs of Bavarian folklore.
    • In most mammals, adult play is rare, but it is common in dolphins, members of the dog family, great apes and, of course, humans.
    also: dogs plural
    (races) (British English) [colloquial] the dogs
    las carreras de galgos
  • 2 (fellow) [colloquial] [dated]
    tipo (masculine) [colloquial]
    dull dog
    tipo (masculine) aburrido [colloquial]
    gay dog
    tipo (masculine) divertido [colloquial]
    lucky dog
    tipo (masculine) con suerte [colloquial]
    sly dog
    Example sentences
    • By the way, you can keep the pun you wretched journalistic dogs.
    Example sentences
    • He got up with his hand wrapped around her little waist… that lucky dog!
    • If that next race is the bottom of the new grade, this lucky dog might have a chance of stumbling into the money again.
    • It's true - I'm a lucky dog.
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There are 2 entries that translate dog into Spanish:

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dog 2

transitive verb -gg-

  • 1 (trouble) (often passive) we've been dogged by bad luck from the beginning
    la mala suerte nos ha perseguido desde el principio
    to dog it (American English)
    escurrir el bulto [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • For the last 5-1/2 years this process has been dogged by problem after problem.
    • The school - which has a police officer stationed on site - has been on special measures for five years and has been dogged by problems.
    • The system has been dogged with problems since it came on line in 1999.
  • 2 (follow closely) to dog somebody's footsteps o heels
    pisarle los talones a alguien
    Example sentences
    • When you have a leader of his passion and effectiveness, you have a media that's very much tracking him and dogging him and trying to find what they can about him.
    • He laughs about how the police are still - and probably forever - on his tail, even dogging him on his recent US book tour.
    • Since Sally was the only member of the group who would acknowledge Yap's existence, the little gnome dogged her every step, chattering excitedly.
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