There are 2 translations of doom in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /duːm/


  • 1.1 (fate) (usu pass) condenar the project was doomed from the start el proyecto estaba condenado al fracaso desde el principio
    More example sentences
    • Is the field of canine cognition doomed forever to repeat this seemingly endless dispute?
    • All we all doomed to repeat the same mistakes as our mothers?
    • Otherwise he will be forever doomed to be the victim of his own erudition.
    (doomed past p)
    [man] condenado, sentenciado; [enterprise] condenado al fracaso doomed to die/fail predestinado or condenado a morir/fracasar doomed to oblivion/failure predestinado or condenado al olvido/fracaso
    More example sentences
    • Illicit romance dooms the characters, bringing them closer to death and destruction than ever before and cementing their maturity - or lack thereof - permanently.
    • However, a star does not have to appear doomed for their death to increase or alter their value.
    • But no, releasing this wasp out into the cold would doom it for sure, and I'm feeling too much cabin-fever kinship with her.

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There are 2 translations of doom in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (fate) sino (m) [literario/literary]; (death) muerte (f) they knew they were going to their doom sabían que la muerte los esperaba the earthquake sent many to their doom muchos encontraron la muerte en el terremoto the day of doom [Relig] el día del Juicio Final 1.2 (ruin) fatalidad (f) the prophets of doom los catastrofistas or agoreros
    More example sentences
    • Since the real world is more frightening than the void, thoughts turn to impending doom, death and suicide.
    • She didn't want to turn evil and hand the world to its doom.
    • The rat squeals and fights, sensing it may be headed to its doom.

Definition of doom in: