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American English: /dɑt/
British English: /dɒt/

Translation of dot in Spanish:


  • 1 (spot) dotdotdot on the dot the train left on the dot of half past two or at half past two on the dot
    el tren salió a las dos y media en punto
    the year dot (British)
    el año de la polca or de la pera or de Maricastaña [colloquial]
    since the year dot
    hace (mil) años
    Example sentences
    • Cells marked with similar colored dots moved collectively in the same direction forming domain-like structures on the collagen gel.
    • These also serve well as night sights with three tritium round dots, one on each side of the rear notch and one in the face of the front sight.
    • Mark the point that these two lines intersect with a piece of tape or a round dot.
  • 2 (in Morse code) dot dash dot
    punto raya punto
    Example sentences
    • Today, when we think of telegraphs we think of electric telegraphs, we think of wires and Morse code and dots and dashes and telegrams and that sort of thing.
    • Morse Code uses a series of dots and dashes to transmit and receive messages.
    • Perhaps the most famous coding is Morse Code, which converts letters of the alphabet into series of dots and dashes.

transitive verb present participle dotting past tense, past participle dotted

  • 1 (add dot)
    Example sentences
    • How you connect letters, how you dot the ‘i’ and cross the ‘t’ all says something about you.
    • I mainly scribbled and doodled his name in bubble letters with little hearts dotting the i's.
    • She doesn't look up; I watch the pen jab the paper with each letter she dots and crosses.
    Example sentences
    • A dotted half note has a dot behind it to make it three beats not two beats.
    • It contains a recurring rhythm of sixteenth, dotted sixteenth and thirty-second notes that is difficult to discern.
    • Together with the consistent use of dotted and syncopated rhythms they become hallmarks of Skalkottas's musical language.
  • 2
    also: dotted past participle
    de puntos
    to sign on the dotted line
    firmar sobre la línea de puntos
    cut along the dotted line
    corte por la línea punteada or de puntos
    Example sentences
    • By six the predicted rain began to dot the windows.
    • Hypericum's leaves are dotted with translucent spots, making it appear perforated.
    • Younger, newer roots are dotted with small reddish-brown spots.
    con puntillo
  • 3 (scatter, intersperse) (usually passive) her family is dotted about all over Europe
    su familia está desperdigada por toda Europa
    Example sentences
    • Various Catholic and Protestant churches dotted the area as well.
    • The route soon turns into hairpin bends where the area is dotted with tea estates.
    • What options face the smaller churches that dot the landscape of North America?
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