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Pronunciation: /drɔː/

Translation of draw in Spanish:

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (past tense of/pasado de drew past participle of/participio pasado de, drawn)

  • 1 1.1 (move by pulling) [curtains/drapes/bolt] (open) descorrer; (shut) correr; [bow] tensar I drew my belt tighter me apreté más el cinturón
    Example sentences
    • He introduced ambulances volantes, light, two-wheeled, sprung vehicles, drawn by two horses, for the rapid evacuation of the wounded.
    • Behind him, drawn by two milky oxen, was a cart laid with cloth of purple.
    • The peasant I had seen on my way to Evora that morning, trudging a field behind a hand-plough drawn by a pair of bullocks, might have been his father.
    Example sentences
    • As she moves back, she draws her hands around my neck and then toward her.
    • She moved closer, drawing her hand along his cheek.
    • For a moment I was blinded by pain and I pulled back, drawing my arm against my chest.
    Example sentences
    • She pulled his shirt, drawing him closer to her and whispered in his ear.
    • He drew her to him gently, holding her against him, and she didn't resist but let herself turn fluid in his arms, let the touch of his lips on her face wash over her like a tide.
    • Completely undone, she drew him gently into her arms and held him.
    Example sentences
    • She pulled the heavy window shut, drew the curtains, and fell sleepily onto the bed.
    • I switched off my bedside lamp and drew open the curtains.
    • She drew open the shower curtain and closed the shower.
    1.2 (in specified direction) draw your chair up to the table acerca or arrima la silla a la mesa he drew his cloak about him se envolvió bien en la capa he drew her aside o to one side la llevó a un lado, la llevó aparte her hair was drawn back into a bun llevaba el pelo recogido en un moño 1.3 (pull along) [cart/sled] tirar de, arrastrar the cart was drawn by a horse un caballo tiraba del carro
  • 2 (bring to specified state) the chairman drew the meeting to a close el presidente dio por terminada la reunión it has been drawn to my attention that … se me ha señalado que …
  • 3 3.1 (pull out) [tooth/cork] sacar*, extraer* [formal]; [gun] desenfundar, sacar*; [sword/dagger] desenvainar, sacar* to draw water (from a well) sacar* agua (de un pozo) he drew a $100 bill out of o from his wallet sacó un billete de 100 dólares de su cartera 3.2 (cause to flow) sacar* to draw blood sacar* sangre, hacer* sangrar to draw breath respirar
    Example sentences
    • The oil container draws the oil into the wicks so they will burn continuously.
    • As the tall man walked over to Shacago, the nurse drew some almost translucent liquid out of a bottle and into a thick needle.
    • Vacuum filters often use cloth or wire screen to hold the solids as the liquid is drawn through.
    3.3 [Games/Juegos] [card/domino] sacar*, robar she drew the winning number [participant] sacó el número ganador [official] extrajo el número ganador 3.4 (in contest, tournament) Italy has been drawn to play France a Italia le ha tocado en el sorteo jugar contra Francia
    Example sentences
    • The structure of heavily drawn wire or rolled sheet consists of very long interlocking grains.
    • Aluminum wire, drawn from rolled rod, may be stranded into cable of any desired size and type.
    Example sentences
    • A violent row broke out between the four men at which stage the two attackers drew Samurai swords and attempted to slash their victims.
    • Cecil quickly drew his other sword, and took a defensive stance.
    • And he drew off the contents of the cyst with a needle.
  • 4 4.1 [Finance] [salary/pension] cobrar, percibir [formal]; [check] girar, librar to draw money from o out of the bank retirar or sacar* dinero del banco 4.2 (derive) [strength] sacar* the painting draws its inspiration from nature el cuadro se inspira en la naturaleza she drew comfort from the fact that … se consoló pensando que … they were drawn from all sections of society provenían de todos los sectores sociales
    Example sentences
    • These four talented musicians draw their inspiration from widely varied sources of music.
    • Historians now drew their inspiration from indigenous language sources and local colonial archives.
    • In contrast, civilization's three previous historic forms of government drew their power from different sources.
    Example sentences
    • My mother has never paid a bill, written a cheque or drawn money from the bank in her life.
    • When so much importance and security is given to draw one's own money from a bank, why not show similar care for one's health?
    • What is interesting is that all private sector industries are being run with money drawn from publicly owned banks.
  • 5 (establish) [distinction/parallel/analogy] establecer* he drew the conclusion that … llegó a or sacó la conclusión de que … there's a lesson to be drawn from all this de todo esto podemos sacar una lección or aprender algo
    Example sentences
    • In my view, the law draws a clear distinction between fiduciary duties and other duties that may be owed by a person in a fiduciary position.
    • Third, if a distinction is to be drawn between the law as it applies to packaging and to advertisements, precisely where does one end and the other begin?
    • To make it clear, South Australia draws no such distinction.
  • 6 6.1 (attract) [customers/crowd] atraer* I was soon drawn into the argument pronto me vi envuelto en la discusión may I draw your attention to the fact that … permítanme señalarles que … to draw attention to oneself llamar la atención to be drawn to/toward sb/sth sentirse* atraído por/hacia algn/algo 6.2 (elicit) [response] obtener*; [praise] conseguir*; [criticism/protest] provocar*, suscitar; [applause/laughter] arrancar* to draw tears/a smile from sb hacer* llorar/hacer* sonreír a algn we finally drew the story out of him finalmente logramos sonsacarle lo que había pasado I asked him about it, but he wouldn't be drawn se lo pregunté, pero se negó a decir nada
    Example sentences
    • I write to address criticisms drawn in response to my call for a secret ballot.
    • The exhibition drew such a strong response from visitors that Cartwright Hall decided to have a permanent collection of calligraphy from the Muslim world.
    • While the paragraph on the Holocaust draws the most emotional responses, other points have also sparked criticism.
    Example sentences
    • The monsters and other sci-fi characters are the attractions that draw people to our events, and help us raise money.
    • This eagerly anticipated annual event once again drew the crowds and this time there was the added attraction of an extra race on the town centre circuit.
    • Not only does he brew the tsipouro, he's also a talented singer, and was ‘in concert’ for guests one night, an event which also drew a large audience of locals.
    Example sentences
    • Not since the Getty Center has a new Los Angeles building attracted the attention drawn by the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.
    • Angelos caught her hand, which muted her thoughts and drew her attention instantly in alarm.
    • It glittered with the intensity of the sun, then brighter, drawing everyone's attention to her instead.
  • 7 7.1 (sketch) [flower/picture] dibujar; [line] trazar*; [plan/guidelines] trazar* 7.2 (describe) pintar a well-drawn character un personaje bien perfilado
    Example sentences
    • He was an intelligent man and drew a line delineating that region of South Australia that experienced, by and large, reliable rainfall, from that which did not.
    • But to understand and analyze the overall debate, it is useful to draw the boundary lines with broad brushstrokes.
    • To help rectify this, Council will begin by redefining the city boundary - drawing a line beyond which transport and bulk services will not be offered.
    Example sentences
    • It depends upon inferences to be drawn from various circumstances.
    • So Rushton's use of this data to draw the conclusions he reaches about hereditability is sound in my opinion.
    • I can see that there could be circumstances where one would draw that conclusion.
  • 8 (British English/inglés británico) [Games/Juegos] [Sport/Deporte] empatar
  • 9 [Nautical/Náutica] the ship draws 25 feet of water el barco tiene un calado de 25 pies
    Example sentences
    • A Viking ship typically drew only about three feet of water and they were experts at sailing on rivers.
    • Vessels drawing 22.5 feet of water have also come direct to the quay.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (past tense of/pasado de drew past participle of/participio pasado de, drawn)

  • 1 (move) to draw close to o near (to) sth/sb acercarse* a algo/algn she drew close to him se le acercó, se acercó a él to draw to an end o a close terminar, finalizar* [formal] as the year draws to an o its end o to a close al finalizar or concluir el año the train drew out of/into the station el tren salió de/entró en la estación to draw ahead of sb/sth adelantarse a algn/algo to draw level with sb/sth alcanzar* a algn/algo the visiting team drew level after 15 minutes el equipo visitante empató en el minuto 15
  • 2 [Art/Arte] dibujar
    Example sentences
    • Each picture was carefully drawn with pencil and then color was added, much as his mature artwork was done.
    • This is part of the Swindon Music Festival and children taking part have been asked to design and draw a picture that represents the festival.
    • Pictures must be drawn in pencil, black ink or charcoal so that they can be copied onto the front page.
    Example sentences
    • Dodger took another piece of paper and drew a cone with a wide base and a line near the bottom to show the ground; then near the top he put in a small circle connected to the cone by a line.
    • In one of his last cartoons for the paper, Sherffius drew a Republican elephant riding a pig representing pork-barrel projects.
    • When police gave him a sheet of paper, he drew a grand piano.
  • 3 (British English/inglés británico) [Games/Juegos] [Sport/Deporte] empatar; (in chess game) hacer* tablas Arsenal drew with Spurs Arsenal empató con Spurs they drew three all empataron a tres, empataron tres a tres
    Example sentences
    • The player who drew the trump card keeps it and begins phase two.
    • The declarer then draws an equal number of cards from the top of the heap, including the face-up trump card if the contract is vuelta.
    • Any player who draws a card of the trump rank during the deal may place it face up on the table, and its suit then becomes trumps for the hand.
    Example sentences
    • He lost twice and drew three games to finish a distant 31st with 7.5 points.
    • Passage won five of the six games played and drew the other.
    • Yorkshire showed several changes from the side which drew their Championship match against Lancashire at Old Trafford last week.
    Example sentences
    • If you're doing the drill correctly, the ball should even draw slightly.
    • If the lie angle is slightly upright, it might draw the ball a little, but the effect on ball flight is minimal.
    • We went down to see him a couple of days later, and he basically taught me about drawing and cutting the ball.
  • 4 (take in air) [chimney/cigar] tirar this pipe draws well/badly esta pipa tira bien/mal
    Example sentences
    • She lit a cigarette, her fingers brown from nicotine, and wheezed as she drew on the unfiltered smoke.
    • ‘I loathe him,’ he said as he drew on a cigarette outside his office.
    • He drew on his cigarette dramatically, exhaling with an equally dramatic sigh.
    Example sentences
    • The chimney was drawing well and the smoke was quickly sucked out of the room.
    Example sentences
    • So back we go to Brewer, Pennsylvannia, as the century draws its last wheezy breaths where everything's changed and nothing's very different.
    • Joe drew a few deep breaths and turned angrily on his heel.
    • I drew a few ragged breaths and fought to regain my composure.


  • 1 (raffle) sorteo (masculine) a prize draw un sorteo de premios when will the draw take place? (British English/inglés británico) ¿cuándo se efectuará el sorteo?
  • 2 (tie) [Games/Juegos] [Sport/Deporte] empate (masculine) the game ended in a draw [Sport/Deporte] el partido acabó en empate (in chess) la partida acabó en tablas
  • 5 (of handgun) he had o was the fastest draw in Texas era el pistolero más rápido de Texas to beat sb to the draw sacar* or desenfundar (la pistola) antes que algn to be quick on the draw (with gun) ser* rápido en desenfundar (with quip, retort) pescarlas* al vuelo [colloquial/familiar]

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