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American English: /drim/
British English: /driːm/

Translation of dream in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (while sleeping) to have a dream about something/somebody
    soñar con algo/alguien
    a bad dream
    una pesadilla
    sweet dreams!
    ¡que duermas bien!
    ¡que sueñes con los angelitos! [humorous]
    Example sentences
    • When she did sleep, her dreams were plagued with images of the Prince, fears of what he could - and probably would - do to her.
    • He had been happily sleeping without any dreams, without any images, just pitch blackness.
    • They all sank to the floor beginning their faze of sleep, dreams appearing in the minds of all but one.
    1.2 (daydream) she felt as if she were in a dream
    le parecía estar soñando (despierta)
    he goes around in a dream
    vive en las nubes
    Example sentences
    • Everyone here is a wisp of a person, broken down by time, unrealistic dreams, or their own personal TKO's.
    • The show business is about selling dreams and fantasies.
    • It made me think of the most un-realistic dreams and hopes that I had.
  • 2 (fantasy, ideal, aspiration) her wildest dreams came true
    hasta sus sueños más imposibles se hicieron realidad
    it was beyond my wildest dreams
    ni en sueños lo hubiera imaginado
    the house of your dreams
    la casa de sus sueños
    su casa ideal
    a dream come true
    un sueño hecho realidad
    her fondest dream
    el sueño de su vida
    su mayor ilusión
    I had dreams of being famous
    mi sueño (dorado) era hacerme famoso
    soñaba con la fama or con hacerme famoso
    The American Dream
    el sueño americano
    your dream home
    la casa de sus sueños
    su casa ideal
    she's everyone's dream girl
    es el tipo de chica con la que sueña todo el mundo
    Example sentences
    • Everyday, people search the housing market for the ultimate designer properties, hoping to find the ideal home of their dreams.
    • To be part of this event which was a childhood memory is a dream come true.
    • With the prize of a thousand pounds Ann plans to make a dream come true and take a trip to the United States with her family.

intransitive verb past tense & past participle dreamed or (British also) dreamtPronunciation: /dremt/

  • 1 1.1 (in sleep) to dream about or of something/somebody
    soñar con algo/alguien
    Example sentences
    • She cried herself to sleep and dreamed about the same nightmare over and over.
    • When she was awake, she thought about it and when she was sleeping, she dreamed about it.
    • As you awake from your troubled sleep, you realize that the group you'd dreamed about is deep in the woods.
    Example sentences
    • Maybe I dreamed it, or perhaps the dream was what the shop sold, a fantasy of southern warmth conjured up like a charm in the chilly north.
    • She thought that maybe she had dreamt the whole thing but her discarded prom dress lying on the floor told her it was not so.
    • Then again, he never saw everything, or maybe he had dreamt it and not remembered.
    1.2 (daydream)
    soñar (despierto)
    estar en las nubes
    stop dreaming!
    ¡baja de las nubes!
    Example sentences
    • I imagined the Caribbean Island I'd always dreamed of, but my fantasies were quickly destroyed.
    • ‘It's what you dream about, and it's going to be a fantastic experience,’ she said.
    • So, you know, I have to get out of here, and I hope life treats you kind, and, you know, I hope you have all you've ever dreamed of.
  • 2 2.1 (imagine)to dream of something
    soñar con algo
    I dreamed of going to live in the country
    soñaba con irme a vivir al campo
    2.2 (contemplate)(not) to dream of something/-ingI wouldn't dream of borrowing money
    ni se me ocurriría pedir dinero prestado
    would you do that? — I wouldn't dream of it!
    ¿harías eso? — ¡ni pensarlo! or ¡de ninguna manera! or ¡ni en sueños!
    Example sentences
    • Had they put pen to paper, they would not have dreamt of expressing such contempt.
    • She said that with this show the company had meant to point out some of the dangers in contemporary society, never dreaming that their fears would be realized on such a grand scale.
    • When it was all done he did more than I ever dreamed was possible for the tone and texture of the whole product.

transitive verb past tense & past participle dreamed or (British also) dreamtPronunciation: /dremt/

  • 1 (in sleep) I dreamed (that) I was drowning
    soñé que me ahogaba
    to dream a dream [literary]
    tener un sueño
  • 2 (imagine) (usually negative)
    I never dreamed he'd be so rude
    nunca (me) imaginé que iba a ser tan grosero
    she little dreamed that she would one day own that house
    lo que menos se imaginaba era que aquella casa llegaría a ser suya

Phrasal verbs

dream away

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
pasarse soñando
he dreamed away the hours
se pasaba las horas soñando

dream up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
I don't know how he dreams up these notions
no sé de dónde saca or cómo se le ocurren esas cosas
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