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American English: /drɛs/
British English: /drɛs/

Translation of dress in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (for woman, girl)
    Example sentences
    • She also hit the mark with her black silk flower print strapless dresses with their asymmetrical handkerchief hemlines.
    • All the dresses and garments were well made, but I just can't see the theme of this collection.
    • This just shows white dresses don't have to be boring and can vary a lot.
  • 2 uncountable (clothing, style of dressing)the local dress
    el traje típico del lugar
    they arrived in formal dress
    llegaron vestidos de etiqueta
    actors in period dress
    actores con traje(s) de época
    they adopted Western dress
    adoptaron el modo de vestir or la vestimenta occidental
    he took great care over his dress
    se preocupaba mucho por su atuendo or su indumentaria
    she has good/no dress sense
    tiene buen gusto/mal gusto para vestirse

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (put clothes on) to get dressed
    I'm not dressed
    no estoy vestido
    she wasn't dressed for the occasion
    no estaba vestida de forma adecuada para la ocasión
    she was well/badly dressed
    iba bien/mal vestida
    a smartly dressed woman
    una mujer elegantemente vestida
    he was dressed in white/rags/uniform
    iba (vestido) de blanco/con harapos/de uniforme
    she was dressed in a kimono
    llevaba (puesto) un kimono
    Example sentences
    • She showered quickly and then dressed into the same clothes once again, since they hadn't been dirtied since she put them on.
    • She continued talking as she dressed.
    • Jocelyn had just finished a rehearsal and was dressing to head home.
    Example sentences
    • Cathryn was not quite sure what to make of this for she could see no logical reason for dressing her in these clothes.
    • He dresses her in frilly clothes and surrounds her with stuffed animals and dolls.
    • I have to question the clothes my parents dressed me in back then.
    1.2 (provide clothes for) she's dressed by Balmain
    la viste Balmain
  • 2 (Cooking) 2.1 (prepare)
    dressed crab
    cangrejo (masculine) preparado
    Example sentences
    • The acidity of the soursop varies: the pulp of some fruits can be eaten raw, while others have to be dressed with sugar to make them palatable.
    • Anyway I was dressing a salmon… which quite obviously I have overpoached.
    • We chose to share a dressed crab with lemon dill mayonnaise.
    2.2 (season)
    Example sentences
    • Mix equal parts low fat mayonnaise and yogurt and use to dress coleslaw or potato salad.
    • This vinaigrette is incredibly flexible - it can be used for dressing salads, glazing braised fish, or to marinate cooked potatoes.
    • Conversely potato salad should be dressed while hot, so that the cooling potatoes suck in the dressing.
  • 3 3.1 (Medicine)
    Example sentences
    • The skin wound was dressed with gauze, and sterile plaster wool was applied.
    • The incision then was dressed with self-adhesive wound approximating strips.
    • I went to my general practitioner and had the wound dressed by a nurse at the surgery.
    Example sentences
    • Officers complained that it was extremely difficult to keep the full dress uniform presentable, since the lace dirtied the white cloth, and the brimstone used to dress the cloth damaged the lace.
    Example sentences
    • Every stone has to be dressed, which means that for every week of building with stone, it takes two days to prepare the stone.
    • Stone was dressed in different ways as time and technology advanced.
    • On the exterior walls, 240 dressed and corner stones had to be redone and the top floor needed to be completely replaced.
  • 4 (fertilize)
    Example sentences
    • Feed your plants by side dressing with a vegetable fertilizer same as you would in the spring.
    • At the correct times the ground about the trees was dressed with sea-sand manure.
    • Grass staggers is brought about by a diet that is too high in protein, a condition found in rapidly growing pasture, especially on ground that has been heavily dressed with fertilizer.
  • 5 (decorate)
    (Christmas tree)
    (shop window)
    Example sentences
    • The friends hold their first tree dressing festival, with more than 150 children taking part.
    • Thereafter, Hopesay Parish Council has maintained the tree dressing custom, which is unique in Britain.
    • The wreck is dressed in beautiful soft corals of all colours.
    Example sentences
    • Ships were dressed with flags and sailors climbed the rigging or stood on decks, caps in hand, to cheer the Queen.
    • Let us dress our ship as befits a brigand who shows her heels to the pursuers.
  • 6 (Military)
    Example sentences
    • There was no time to dress ranks properly, and unit organization went by the board as the troopers struggled to form front.
    • The battalion dressed its ranks with precision.
    • The halberds of infantry sergeants were carried as a symbol of their authority and used to dress the ranks.
    Example sentences
    • Soldiers dress by one another in ranks, and the body collectively by some given object.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (put on, wear clothes)
    he always dresses in black
    siempre (se) viste de negro
    she dresses very well
    (se) viste muy bien
    to dress to the right/left
    cargar a la derecha/izquierda
    calzar a la derecha/izquierda (Mexico)
    Example sentences
    • ‘We have to do a do a couple of walks, one dressed in sports wear and one dressed in evening wear,’ he said.
    • Both Nicky and Georgina were dressed casually, with Nicky wearing jeans and a baseball cap while Georgina wore jeans and a floral top.
    • She doesn't dress flamboyantly, instead wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.
    1.2 (dress formally) we don't dress for dinner
    no nos cambiamos para cenar
  • 2 (Military)
    dress right!
    ¡vista a la derecha!

Phrasal verbs

dress down

1verb + object + adverb (reprimand) [colloquial]
echarle una regañina a [colloquial]
retar (Southern Cone)
darle un café a (Río de la Plata) [colloquial]
pasarle un café a (Río de la Plata) [colloquial]
2verb + adverb
vestirse informalmente

dress up

1verb + adverb 1.1 (dress smartly)
ponerse elegante
all dressed up and no place or (British) nowhere to go
compuesta y sin novio
vestida y alborotada (Mexico)
1.2 (in fancy dress)
to dress up as something
disfrazarse de algo
I'm going to dress up as a pirate
me voy a disfrazar de pirata
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (dress smartly)
poner elegante
2.2 (in fancy dress) to dress somebody up as something
disfrazar a alguien de algo
criticism dressed up as advice
críticas disfrazadas de consejos
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