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American English: /draɪ/
British English: /drʌɪ/

Translation of dry in Spanish:

adjective drier, driest

  • 1 1.1 (not wet)
    she rubbed her hair dry with a towel
    se secó el pelo con una toalla
    to wipe something dry
    secar algo (con un paño)
    store in a cool, dry place
    guardar en lugar fresco y seco
    Example sentences
    • When cleaning the body of the light, it is recommended to use a dry, lint free cloth for the best possible result.
    • Traffic constable Paul Davenport told the inquest that at the time of the accident, the road was dry, clean and free from any obstruction.
    • If the soil seems too dry or too moist, adjust the controller.
    1.2 (lacking natural moisture)
    sin lágrimas
    my mouth was dry with fear
    tenía la boca seca de miedo
    I feel dry after all that talking
    tengo la garganta seca de tanto hablar
    a crust of dry bread
    una corteza de pan duro
    there wasn't a dry eye in the house
    no hubo quien no llorara
    Example sentences
    • However, I kept noticing things before we left, like my face was too dry, then my hair was too dry, then I had to find lip gloss because my face was looking blah!
    • If you can't find a conditioner for black hair, try one designed for dry hair instead as these will have a similar effect.
    • If your hair is very dry, damaged or chemically treated, treat yourself to a deep conditioning once a week.
    1.3 (dried-up)
    the cow has gone dry
    la vaca no da más leche
    his inspiration had run dry
    se había secado la fuente de su inspiración
    se había agotado su inspiración
    Example sentences
    • Almost all of these are away from major rivers, dry creeks, and sagebrush flats, where recent sediments tend to cover the older rocks.
    • When water from a nearby active stream flooded into the dry watercourse, the nests and eggs, like those on the flats, were inundated with mud.
    • In Australia, salt is produced by solar evaporation from sea water, saline lake waters, underground brines and harvested from dry lake beds.
    Example sentences
    • Residents have turned to the murky pond for their water supply, as truck- and pipe-borne sources have been almost dry.
    • Since then, one of the wells used to supply the community with water has gone dry.
    • Hesaraghatta lake, one of the biggest sources of fresh water supply to the city, went dry quite sometime ago.
    1.4 (not rainy, not humid)
    tomorrow will be dry
    mañana no lloverá
    mañana hará tiempo seco
    Example sentences
    • During the growing season, keep the roots moist in dry weather and take care when weeding, as blackcurrants are shallow-rooted.
    • On my first visit to the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti, they were as parched and dry as any desert.
    • The polar continental is usually a dry air mass, having little distance to travel over the sea.
    1.5 (using no fluid)
    he had a dry shave
    se afeitó en seco
    a piece of dry bread
    una rebanada de pan sin mantequilla
    Example sentences
    • Calvert points out that the floods triggered by the recent storm surge had demonstrated the eco friendly nature of the dry latrines.
    • Under this Act construction of a dry latrine and its manual cleaning was made an offence.
    • But even where activists have successfully sealed dry latrines, the fate of the people is pathetic.
  • 2 (prohibiting sale of alcohol)
    seco (donde está prohibida la venta de bebidas alcohólicas)
    Example sentences
    • It's hard to find a country where a great many of the social ills aren't related to drink or drugs, particularly in the ones that are dry or have prohibition.
    • But the Wilson Act also left a loophole, in that it did not allow dry states to prohibit the importation of alcohol for personal use.
    • The distillery, you see, lies in a parish that's been dry since prohibition.
  • 3 (not sweet)
    Example sentences
    • With spring swigging in mind, Somerfield is introducing a juicy new range of Antipodean Riesling, dry muscat, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdelho wines.
    • Although many of the wines are dry, sweet Vermentino wines are also produced.
    • Clearly a dry wine such as a Fino Sherry or Sercial Madeira is most appropriate at the start of the meal, not the end.
  • 4 4.1 (ironic)
    Example sentences
    • I always love the incredibly dry, spare tone of the Times when it approaches ultra-weird subjects.
    • The politician's agenda does tend to be as dry and unemotional as his personality.
    • A dry skepticism likewise informs her views on the art world, and on the varying fortunes of Duchamp's work and reputation within it.
    Example sentences
    • He will be remembered for his quick wit, his one-liners and his dry sense of humour.
    • The show was hosted by a young woman who also injected a dry sense of humour into her performance.
    • But viewer beware, a dry sense of humour is needed to enjoy this movie to its fullest.
    4.2 (lacking warmth)
  • 5 (dull, boring)
    just the dry facts, with no embellishment
    la verdad a secas, sin adornos
    Example sentences
    • In between are 11 pages of useful information, including dry facts and quirky anecdotes, encompassing every area of life.
    • He does not spout dry information, but colours facts with his own thoughtful perspective.
    • It not only conveys information, the dry facts and figures of the events, but also their full emotional weight.

transitive verb dries, drying, dried

  • 1 (with cloth, heat)
    to dry oneself
    to dry one's eyes/tears
    enjugarse las lágrimas [literary]
    dry on a flat surface
    no colgar
    secar extendido sobre una superficie
    Example sentences
    • Isn't it obvious that such an elaborate grooming procedure would be left to after one has washed and dried one's hair?
    • She quickly hopped in the shower, washed her hair, then dried it.
    • To sterilise your jars before potting, wash them well then dry them in a low oven.
    Example sentences
    • When I helped Gemma to dry up, the tea towel slid on oily cutlery.
    • Finished painting the conservatory, had something to eat, washed up, dried up, and ironed a top for tomorrow.
    • ‘I'll wash, you dry,’ said Jake, turning on the tap and staring at the water that gushed out.
  • 2 (preserve)
    Example sentences
    • Fragrant barks and dried flowers hold their own appeal.
    • Healthy nibbles, for me, would be dried fruit, fruit and yoghurt.
    • Because I am currently burning the candle at both ends, got home and made my bread, left it to rise, and made my Moroccan dried fruit salad.

intransitive verb dries, drying, dried

  • 1 (become dry)
    you wash and I'll dry
    tú lavas y yo seco
    I hung it out to dry
    lo tendí para que se secara
    (British) to hang somebody out to dry
    abandonar a alguien a su suerte
    Example sentences
    • The flood victims either install themselves at our campsite or head back to London to dry off and restock, while I snatch a couple of hours sleep.
    • My companion ventured back to the beach to dry off.
    • We sleep in the cheapest motel we can find, hanging up our clothes and sleeping bags in the room so that they can dry off.


  • come into the dry
    ven a cubierto

Phrasal verbs

dry off

verb + adverb

dry out

1verb + adverb 1.1
1.2 [colloquial]
curarse (de alcoholismo)
hacerse una cura de desintoxicación
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object

dry up

1verb + adverb 1.1
secarse (completamente)
1.3 [colloquial]
quedarse en blanco
1.4 (shut up) [slang]dry up!
¡cierra el pico! [colloquial]
¡cállate la boca! [colloquial]
1.5 (dry dishes) (British)
secar los platos
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1
secar (completamente)
(dishes) (British)
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